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Name: Download Sandown Day
Pack: Download Rally Time
By:   fonzie
Version: 03-Feb-2007
TMX id: 120695
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:47.10   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:47.21   KaboOm+ 0:00.11-
0:47.66   mec.robert+ 0:00.56-
0:47.70   Cibermix+ 0:00.60-
0:47.79   eh~AAssie+ 0:00.69-
0:48.00   Eviltim+ 0:00.90-
0:48.07   'Q'+ 0:00.97-
0:48.80   Morg+ 0:01.70-
0:48.81   PPDA+ 0:01.71-
0:48.86   Jake+ 0:01.76-
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Author Comments

Hey guys, another rally track from me in my crusade to make rally more appreciated
It is more accomplished and better designed to suit more players than my other rally tracks. It is easier to finish successfully without sacrificing the stunts and jumps that i normally have in my tracks. I am most proud of the start because of the glitch ramp If you fall into the blackness, you drove pathetically and need to try again, no worries though it is incredibly easy to make and is right at the start I used a full compliment of MT and i added a secret for people to find. An exceptable time is 55 seconds or below for intermediate players Have fun, give it your best and give me some feed back. I used the Dakar Mod by Grizzly I got my inspiration for one of my jumps off this track "Unnamed by   Jake"

User Comments
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  fonzie 03-Feb-2007
Thx Table
Thx Cab That would be great Super time
Thx Andree I also like those parts
Thx Syrecius
Thx Jumper Jack Thanks for the time
Thx MasterDisaster
Thx The_Horrorist
Thx Viper
Thx MikoZ great time
Thx Jake Great time
Thx Morg
Thx TeMplar
Thx -32-
Thx Crooms great time.
Thx Ersatz
Thx ScottMc
Thx PapyChampy
Thx Medina, great time
Thx EvilTim, crazy time maybe 48:XX possible.
Thx BadJack, was fun playing online
Thx Thracian I tried to make this an easy rally track
Thx Ravager
Thx Mikey
Thx Robert1
Thx Smok3y great award, thanks for the time
Thx for the award and big thanks for the time Maphios
Thx Damster
Thx Hubby
Thx Mirco
Thx RedFury91
Thx Wally
Thx Chris
Thx Dartz4
Thx Orca
Thx Assie, your times are incredibly fast
Thx SplineDaddy
Thx Ebou
Thx Jet_Black
Thx Vincent
  SneezR 03-Feb-2007
lol the island: But the land is Fonie's LOOOOOOOL
  fonzie 03-Feb-2007
Yay Cab found the secret
Nice job Cab on beating MikoZ
  Eviltim 12-Feb-2007
You got the highest rated Rally track for an LB rating, nice job . Hopefully soon that will actually mean something with the potential new leaderboard system .
  fonzie 12-Feb-2007
Yeah that would be great
wow Morg awesome time
  Eviltim 12-Mar-2007
That was a hard one to beat, nice job Morg .
I know based on some of the checkpoints I ran that a low-48 is possible, and maybe even a 47, but that would have to be a near-perfect run.
  JumperJack 31-Mar-2007
and you were right eviltim, congrats with your first classic, fonzie!!
  fonzie 31-Mar-2007
Thanks Jumper Jack, it is good to have the first classic rally track
  SMiiE 01-Apr-2007
eviltim watch out for marius89^^
  JumperJack 02-Apr-2007
yeah, indeed, marius89 is crazy with his new gamepad...
  smok3y 01-May-2007
Congrats on the classic Fonzie
  JumperJack 11-May-2007
wow aassie...

incredible time...
  Eviltim 11-May-2007
Putting some serious times up in Rally, great job eh~AAssie
  eh~AAssie 11-May-2007
Yep, nice fight [ATP]Eviltim

I think 47.4-47.5 is possible
  JumperJack 12-May-2007
pff - i absolutely won't try to get close to your time, aassie...

you came, you found the classic leaderboard, you won...
  Dengel 12-May-2007
jep lol cool that u are uploading times gg aassie!
  Eviltim 12-May-2007
I'm trying at it right now
As for possibilities, I'm almost positive a 47.1x-47.2x is possible, but I don't know that I'll get close to that.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 39 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   BadJack 08-Feb-2007
Real great rally track!
User Award   UKR Thracian 08-Feb-2007
I'm not a huge rally fan but I liked this one, nice turns and speed and it's a rally like I can actually do without crashing countless times

User Award   Rava 08-Feb-2007
awesome one
Soo nice rally track superb smooth nice fast and technical
User Award   Mikey 10-Feb-2007
This track looks great and plays great
User Award   Robert1 10-Feb-2007
0_o the most amazing rally track ive played in ages.
User Award   smok3y 10-Feb-2007
First things first, I love that screenie
And the map, i love it more
One of the best rally maps ive driven
Or tried to drive
Nice start section with the engine cutter
Well placed offroad parts
Good flow overall
Not too tuff not too easy
Nice challenge and lovely MT work
User Award   maphios 11-Feb-2007
yep nice rallye track fonzie
speedy and challenging layout
with great smooth curves
and it looks awesome with the mod
great work

Edit: now, the highest rated rally map...
User Award   Hubby 15-Feb-2007
Very nice rally track !!

* Perfect combination of tech & speed
* Good flow
* Awesome scenery & layout
* Cool jumps & transitions
* Fun and addictive track

Great job again m8 !
User Award   Mirco the Racer 25-Feb-2007
Yeah great really track.

Rocks because:


Great track fonzie.

Keep it up

Mirco the Racer
User Award   [RX]RedFury91 03-Mar-2007
Great rally track
Nice mod..the track has got speed ánd great corners
User Award   CMC*Wally 11-Mar-2007
I like this track so much !
Very nice jumps Turns are easy and fun
Great smooth ! It's the good rally map secret
I like so much start it's great. I love all jumps, there are really enjoyable !
I think You are the best Rally mapmaker i have seen ! Very good job !
User Award   chris_du_21 07-Apr-2007
Good flow, good scenery, good speedy track ! Very very nice work !!!!
User Award   Dartz4 08-May-2007
Rally is definiely my favourit environmental
and those great tracks show me, that I`me right.

Great flow, cool jumps, nice ideas,
super style (i love dakar )

I hope it will get some more

here is this one

User Award   Orca1007 10-May-2007
Very nice track . Only the "graphic bug" after the start I don't like much. But well, Award anyway .
User Award   eh~AAssie 11-May-2007
Seems easy at first hand, but quite challenging when pushing for those good times
User Award   SplineDaddy 12-May-2007
Another very cool and Speedy Map from you. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User Award   » Ebou / Busy! 01-Jun-2007
A truly amazing rally track Fonzie.

Simple but cool intro
Awesome flow
Sweet glitch
Nice jumps
terrific speed
A great and sure is worth it as a classic

Great job m8,

User Award   Jet Black 10-Aug-2007
Fantastic track, fonzie. Love this kind of rally.
User Award   Vincent 18-Nov-2008
Nice Rally track - easy and fun for online!
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