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Track Name
Name: 360 degrees*
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Voyager006
Version: 31-Oct-2008
Released: 31-Oct-2008
TMX id: 1202268
LB Rating: 41,935
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:52.33   Zemano !+ 0:00.0041,935
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:52.86   dave666+ 0:00.5339,387
0:53.20   NinjAstar+ 0:00.8737,751
0:53.37   osna+ 0:01.0436,934
0:53.38   Shap[NR]+ 0:01.0536,886
0:53.48   hawki+ 0:01.1536,405
0:53.50   Cayman»LT+ 0:01.1736,309
0:53.51   MN+ 0:01.1836,261
0:53.56   s8ndm8n+ 0:01.2336,021
0:53.56   Axon+ 0:01.2336,021
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Author Comments

This track has a lot of features than that you can think, and it offers you as much as you just can say
And it's my first track as a Lazy Tracker

360 degrees*

- Why 360 degrees* ?
Because this track has a little self-explaining ... It goes 360 degrees to the right, with almost only right corners

This track offers you:
- Two different routes: Novice and Expert Route (the Mods will love this )
- Special (Halloween ) Feature: Tunnel Of Doom
- 2 minute long Story-Intro (story about the track history, and why i've made it) ^^
- All files used in this track are lcoated (it takes 5 minutes for me to download)
- And of course, the track itself

- 64 ghosts used (64 % of The Trump Card 2 )
(60 used in the Intro )
- 8449 coppers
- Full MT
- Frkn jumps
- KB friendly
- With Pad ... i don't know
Different versions of the track:
medium*MT - good for online
(Intro removed, no triangles in Outro, less files that uploads)
no*MT - good for players with MT problems
no*scenery - good for bad PC's
wow*factor - for the Island freaks and the amusement park addictors
Only*Tunnel Of Doom - The halloween feeling, everything else is deleted

Requests are friendly allowed, just ask
Intro Trailer - For those who can't find the intro music timing good
Tm-Tube (not THAT good quality )
MediaPack: Click !
(Unzip it in your main TrackMania folder (normally located in My Documents))

If you don't download the mediapack:
- You will meet no music, custom models, signs aso when you open the map.
- You need to wait 5+ minutes to let all files to download.
- You may to restart the track after the download is finished (you can see on the orange bar on top to the right, if no bar, download is complete or nothing uploads at all )
If you notice texture quality reducing when playing the map, you should close the map as fast as possible. If you know when the error occured, try to drive the map without getting errored again (if the Intro made the bug, skip the Intro)

Preferred quality: Everything random exept Shadows - None or Medium (not Minimal)
Bigger screenie: Here !
(How did i actually get that good graphics from ? )
(Here comes the advertising )
Other great tracks from the LT players :
"So What by   Braadje"
"*Sunny~Speed* by   Mania»LT"
"Mercury Room by   Siem»LT"
"Power Slide 2 by   Amit»LT"
Also thanks to the LT players for betatesting the track
Have fun !!!

Thx for awards-list at first comment

User Comments
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  Tuta 07-Nov-2008
now its even moore
  Siem»LT 07-Nov-2008
1 award for BOTM
  Voyager006 07-Nov-2008
If you guys wanna try to be me - here's the Voyager006's model

(it has bug (breaking disk rotation), but i like the 2D skin so much )
  Cayman»LT 09-Nov-2008
again 1#botm
  Voyager006 24-Nov-2008
OMG thx for BOTM (sry have to say it again ... if i haven't said it already )

Damnit, have to make a another Thx for award list
Previous comment is too big now Thx for blowing up 1 thx for awards comment ^^

Thx for award list - Part 2
Starting from 48

FT»Peddy - Offline yeah, but online ... uuh ... *banned from PPO*

Low-Cash - I exepted it to be longer ... but you only do long awards on PF's

Jet777 - Yeey 50 awards

chris_du_21 - Stunned, breathtaken, what is going to be the next ?

nadi - Thx for award

Markus... - That is maybe the myth with my maps - the more times you play it the more you like it (fortunately ) ^^

Spoonman - If there was different checkpoints for each route, you couldn't finish by driving only one of the routes

MT»Cheap Jeep - Gr8 award

finfin - woot you awarded it Well i like the screenie atleast

franz-josef666 - Dunno if there is anyone who can make a map like this which is not confusing

WoodMan - Yeah, 5 min is far from enough needed because the are just too many things in this track
  FT»Osaka 26-Nov-2008
Hey voy, your car is a bit too big!!!!!!!
  Voyager006 27-Nov-2008
Better than a bit too small ...
And it's not my fault, i haven't made the car

Oh, out of BOTM right before December

---- ---- ---- ----
---- ----
---- ---- ---- ----
  Mania»LT 18-Dec-2008
  Voyager006 22-Dec-2008
Ah, since the bandwidth at FileDEN is always stupid, i decded to upload the MediaPack at an alternative place, so everyone can play this beauty without needed to wait for files that won't let download
You don't need directlinking for mediapacks, they dont' need to be located

New MediaPack: Here !
New MediaPack for Bandwidth*version: Here !

Edit (25th February 2009): 1000 downloads !!!
Thx all !
  L00ney 16-Mar-2009
damn, those links doesn't work for me
  Voyager006 16-Mar-2009
Here is some other download links


I hope they works
  L00ney 26-Mar-2009
thank you
I'll be playing lag-free on my new computah
  Voyager006 26-Mar-2009
I save money for new PC

After my certifying, I'll be able to buy one

Ok then not...

It went a little time before something occured, but now we'll (atleast I) see what happens

Updated MediaPack link:

  Zemano ! 26-May-2017
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User Awards
Showing 78 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Mr Todelidoo 05-Oct-2009
  SkunkY 23-Oct-2009
Great track!
Both routes work fine and are great fun to drive!
  Jens007 06-Feb-2010
  Nim 04-Apr-2010
  MN 05-Apr-2010
My< Lovely Map

> <

  dave666 03-May-2010

A for you
  »Kratze« 19-May-2010

Man, I forgot this one!
This is not lazy, what you built there it is only...only...
I dunno what to say. It's incredible. Thx that I am allowed to drive this one.

Keep on mapping like this!
  SiNiSTER 30-Jun-2010
sorry i awarded the wrong version... this is a great track. i like that you came up with chosing novice or expert of corse i went novice im not that good of a island driver yet . track is very smooth great speed. i had to watch the gps a couple of times because there is alot of signs you kinda get confused but once you learn the route you want to take bam no problem..the only thing that i see in the novice part is that you dont need that one sign, the one that shows up on the screen to turn right, and i crashed a couple times so when i drove it again i just kept straight. and at the finish you have a sign thats not working maybe your filden hasnt reset yet.and no music played..

overall great track and the player can chose which way to go novice or expert great speed and very smooth to drive nicely done

  FT»Rast 04-Sep-2010
WTF? Forgot to award? OMG
RLY nice map, GZ Voy
  Sriver 31-Oct-2010
Great track!

I like the idea of the two routes.

>> <<

  FT»Marky 31-Oct-2010
So awesome track
and 2 years released
  NinjAstar 03-Nov-2010
Shame for these little bugs at the start and the first loop, I think without these this might have been a map that could have received my perfect rating.

The track is absolutely amazing, and when I say that, I mean both routes.

The beginner route is easy to play and perfect for online, other than that a few parts are a bit out of flow to get to, and the buggy loop, but that's to be expected.

The expert route has a buggy loop in the same place, and once you start to drive the start and that loop fast, it starts to become unstable.

When the start is done fast you sometimes don't get enough time on the platforms or circular road, and it can start to tip the car around.

I saw that as a big middle-finger to the hunters, as if telling them the track is too good to hunt, so just have fun with it instead.

The straight jumps at the expert part after the noslide corner are a bit boring, and it's also to easily screw up there once you have more speed, but in this case it serves as a fair challenge.

Regardless of these tiny issues, the layout is amazing considering the 2 connect and still flow very well overall.

The transitions on the expert route are amazing and pretty easy considering the insane speeds here, it's mind blowing.

...and the MT? Well I think that's the best intro and one of the best outros I've ever seen.

Awesome idea with the music, great execution with the cams and especially with the ghosts, I've never seen this idea done as well as this.

Because of that, if the track were fixed of these little flaws I think because of the amazing MT and music choice I could give it a perfect score, which I have never done before.

...and I still don't think it's your best track, or the best island track ever. However, you can be sure though it's pretty close.

Rating: 9.5/10

Great idea executed with an awesome track, excellent work.

  _firestorrm 10-Jul-2012
I'm amazed

  nr._13 15-Nov-2012
This map is just amazing
Please take my award
for the MT-Work (especially the intro)
the Track itself (flow, speed, smooth)

and (very important ) for the music
Up the Irons! \m/

  FT»N!co 24-Feb-2013
  Petwie 20-May-2013
This track is... it is.... WOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!
  timmy»UD 15-Jun-2014
  Zemano ! 26-May-2017
Woooooot !

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