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Track Name
Name: Ethereal Mayhem
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Eviltim
Version: 30-Jan-2007
Released: 30-Jan-2007
TMX id: 116852
LB Rating: 63,426
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:48.09   BZ+ 0:00.0063,426
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:48.35   bigd+ 0:00.2661,369
0:48.40   Eviltim+ 0:00.3160,973
0:48.44   [ATP]LPsyborg+ 0:00.3560,656
0:48.70   Stoned+ 0:00.6158,599
0:48.74   Dr»dB+ 0:00.6558,282
0:48.76   -nikotin*+ 0:00.6758,124
0:48.90   FoF ED+ 0:00.8157,016
0:49.10   ¤ATS¤The Zanar+ 0:01.0155,433
0:49.24   phonotoneinc+ 0:01.1554,325
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

This is my second TMU track. It is a full speed stadium track.
It consists of a lot of loops and wallrides along with some other features.
The track is about 50 seconds long and there are no dirt sections.
There is a small intro, as it is my first attempt at one.

Song: Banquet - Bloc Party

Thanks to [ATP]Neo who tested a version of the track for me and helped to get the music working .

I hope everybody enjoys this track .
Post your records and comments, and award the track if you like it .

If you like this try out my other tracks:
"Rural Town by   Eviltim"
"United Speed by   Eviltim"

User Comments
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  Eviltim 30-Jan-2007
Thanks for the award Hubby, glad you liked it .
Thanks for the raving award and comment [ATP]Havoc .
Thank you LP, thats my hope .
Thank you for the award Goglu2, and thank you very much for putting it on your server!
Thanks for the award Jonkster. I have no experience in intro or outro so I stuck with the basics there .
Thank you for the award zach, glad you liked it .
Thanks for the award ~Ganjaweeds~ .
Thank you for the award JumperJack glad you liked the track and music .
Thanks for the award and glowing comment F07Markus .
Thank you for the award Ora .
Thanks for the award Woosle, glad you like it.
Thanks for the award Pitstep .
Thanks for the award Badjack .
Thanks for the award and testing it Neo .
Thank you for the award and replay Insane .
Thanks for the award Andree .
Thanks for the award Smok3y, glad you liked it .
Thanks for the award Scottmc .
Thanks for the award The Zanar .
Thanks for the award Alcator .
Thanks for the award and for putting it on your server Shady .
Thank you for the award backupq2 .
Thanks for the award MegaManX .
Thanks for the award edge .
Thanks for the award HAWK_GER .
Thanks for the award r.i.p.»agipov«
Thanks for the award Ricardo Rix, this track was my attempt at a more stunt oriented course .
Thanks for the award The Doctor .
Thanks for the award datsun .
Thanks for the award BrutalDeLuxe .
Thanks for the award Bobo .
Thanks for the award BaSS .
Thanks for the award Bkb98, good to see you on TMU finally .
Thanks for the award OLDA_X .
Thanks for the award and great comment Edperks .
Thanks for the award Snow Bone .
Thanks for the award maphios .
Thanks for the award ~J4F~Frans .
Thanks for the award alcoholic_tpgn .
Thanks for my 40th award T_Z_ !
Thanks for the award Punisher .
Thanks for the award RacerBest .
Wow, thank you for the wonderful award and comment BigD, I'm glad you like it and it I loved the comment
Thanks for the award N1KOT1N, glad you love it so much .
Thanks for the award [ATP]Speeder (123speeder456)
Thanks for the award Quinxstar .

Thanks for the comment [FoF]RooBah and now award!
  insane 01-Feb-2007
lol, my time sucks, i will try again soon without being that sleepy
  Eviltim 05-Feb-2007
Thanks to everyone who posted records, awarded my track, and tried out my track, getting me into the best of the week on my 3rd ever track . (2nd in United).
  [ATP]LPsyborg 07-Feb-2007
Nice time tim
  Eviltim 07-Feb-2007
Thanks LP , I think I can gain a few more tenths, but not without motivation .
  Dr»dB 08-Feb-2007
Cool, map, Tim.
It reminds me of Powerslide by Ratbag (The Luge Map).
If there were more like this one, I might even start playing stadium again!!!
Looks like ya had nearly enough ATP awards (13) to get it onto the 'most awarded of the week' club.. well done.

A few more tenths.. motivation? damn I rekon! lol
But yes, everytime I passed your ghost was time lost on your run. There are at least a few tenths left to those that have the patience and worry about 30 day WR's
20 runs was enuff for me. I dunno about wr hunts, they are so temporary. But this one WILL rock, online.
It will indeed go onto the FOF dedicated Server.

and Havoc.. what I really 'want' is 50 stadium maps that are this well done ^^

  [ATP]LPsyborg 08-Feb-2007
Sound like you are into smooth wallride type tracks roo. You have to remember there are some guys that like the brakes
  [ATP]BkB98 11-Feb-2007
If you liked it soo much roobah you should award it right along with us "ATP" guys!
  Eviltim 11-Feb-2007
I'm pretty sure that RooBah has mentioned before that he no longer awards tracks, just leaves comments, because he thinks the award system is corrupt so he doesn't do that anymore.
  [ATP]BkB98 12-Feb-2007
Was wondering because its not a bad comment really just no award.
I see that he's awarded 29 tracks by 9 different authors 13 of which are the same guy another [FOF] guy so I hope he isn't suggesting that ATP guys are just awarding your track because your a team member because that isn't the case.
  Dr»dB 12-Feb-2007
It just so happens that 210 makes tracks that I LOVE. They are not too long, not too short.. and easy enuff so that nearly everyone can finish them, yet are difficult to ace at uber speeds. Very much like this map!!
And yes, I awarded his because I always got to see them.
I was trying to give at least one award to anyone that has given me one, but it is still quite a mess of an awarding system.
Some people can like a map and award it simply becaise of the music (which is not a bad thing) it is just misleading when some of the maps get 80 awards and do not deserve it on an overall basis. That is why I call them the 'most awarded of the week'
That is one of the reasons I stopped awarding.
At any rate, the best award I can see giving mappers is to host someones map, these days.
As to our default map list.. we call them 'FoF Approved'!
I do not expect TMX to change because of my saturated opinions, so I will just work around it

No need for me to suggest what is a well known fact
Awards by associaton are just that, if you are exposed to maps due to being on a team (or just hanging out with one) it is not a bad thing to give an award for it being well done. I just stopped doing the awards myself, period.
  [ATP]BkB98 12-Feb-2007
I just don't want people to think that team members are awarding other team members tracks simply because they are on the same team is all. It's not the case with our team. I think the award system is flawed but there is no way to fix it that I see and its been talked about too much to worry about it now.
  Eviltim 26-Jul-2007
WOW BigD!!! Amazing time there, and I thought I'd hold this one forever !!!
  bigd 26-Jul-2007
Thanks Eviltim a cup of coffee and the first few runs is when I get the fastest times lol. I tried to beat the 48.37 but for the most part it's dang hard for me to get below 48.6 on average runs. I did notice a bump and several skids on that fastest time so I think it can be done at least .1 more.
  Eviltim 05-Dec-2007
Nice new improvement, 48.35, up by .02
  BZ 18-Feb-2010
yey..this should be hard to beat
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User Awards
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  RacerBest 13-May-2007
Super Cool Fullspeed Track!!!
Award For You, Eviltim!

  bigd 24-Jul-2007
Words can hardly explain how awesome and marvelous this track is but i'll try. The intro is great with glistening arc's as the cam hovers above this marvelous speed track and then the cam spins and drops you down to the start boom! I love that! Like a taste of the massive walls and loops you are about to be flying or falling off of. Really great work and well done Eviltim. I enjoyed it a ton running it for a top ten record. The replays of Eviltim and Psyborg are awesome, I could'nt get Roobah's replay to work, hope you enjoy mine currently #3 record. This track is legendary! KOFSBig:D
  -nikotin* 14-Oct-2007


This is the best track for me!!!
  Sammon 03-Nov-2007
Sick track, Eviltim. Definitely my favorite in Stadium; this track makes me fall in love with the environment all over again. That's two environments you've turned into my favorites . Lots of these:
  QuinX 03-Mar-2008
amazing i haved not award this map lool
  Dr»dB 26-May-2009
Still a great standout in 2009.
That is enough to make me give an award.
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