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Name: Styla
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   insane
Version: 28-Jan-2007
Released: 28-Jan-2007
TMX id: 113896
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Bay
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0:41.59   -Homie-+ 0:00.17-
0:41.68   Zeref+ 0:00.26-
0:41.92   echo+ 0:00.50-
0:42.36   Owrleyus+ 0:00.94-
0:42.49   Marius 89+ 0:01.07-
0:42.72   CMC|Taylor+ 0:01.30-
0:42.87   Eviltim+ 0:01.45-
0:42.99   -Phil-+ 0:01.57-
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Author Comments

Ok guys,
there you go...
This little thing slumbered now for almost a whole month on my harddisk.
I decided to work on it this weekend (didnt do much else ) and now its finally up here

Its a full speed bay-track, tho its hard to get it full-speed without crashing...
It contains some fast rides through the shopping malls and some tricky platform jumps.

~ MT full, enjoy it
~ Author Time: 44:82 sec.
~ custom Music: Billy Talent - Red Flag
~ Bigger screenie

The music should load by itself, if you dont want to wait, download it here
and place it in ..\My Documents\Trackmania United\ChallengeMusics

Have fun with my newest creation
Any times or comments are appreciated


User Comments
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  insane 28-Jan-2007
Thx alot to everyone who tried this one and especially to:

- Tonic_91, made me really happy
- HAVOC, super award mate
- JumperJack, wow, one of the best comments ive ever recieved...
- NitroGuy, thx alot, but pls call me insane
- shady, great to see some of you are speechless
- Jonkster, great award mate
- edge, thx a bunch
- ORA, great comment, thx mate
- smok3y, a big lol for the start, thx alot
- Speedy, awesome award mate
- Andree, already wondered whether you tried this one, big thx
- Heidi, great thx
- Markus, wonderful comment mate
- Fòólie, thx for this cool award mate
- scottmc, glad you like it
- Eviltim, great award and an awesome time, mate
- Alcator, yeah, you have to find a good route to take every part at full-speed without crashing
- Unwavering, thx alot
- LoBaLL, great award
- Neo, seems i added the right kind of music, thx mate
- Viper, hehe, thx alot
- Pticon, thx for this great award
- PapyChampy, awesome comment
- Quiwe!, thx alot
- Doc, wow, thx, it just has 130 downloads so far tho
- Beanolator, thx for the nice words mate
- Snake55wildcat, great award mate
- Alselius, wonderful award, big thx
- Co2, waaaah, thx alot
- HAWK, great comment mate
- Quick, woot, over 30 awards, thx alot mate
- Cephid, thx for the sweet comment mate
- Darth_Vader, thx for the nice words
- bluebottle, thx, great one
- Dutchman, thx alot
- Hastings, now thats one of the awards you love to recieve
- bara, thx for the lovely awards, mate
- SkunkY, whaaa, an award by you, thx alot mate
- T_Z_, thx for this wonderful review
- -Homie-, thx for the great 40th
- crooms, thx alot for that speedy award, though you are a bit too late
- RaVaGER, damn nice award thx so much
- Wally, great award mate. always a pleasure to read your comments
  JumperJack 04-Feb-2007
the start of the track was pretty unknown, but i'm happy to see that my favorite bay track gets some more attention now!!
  Eviltim 07-Feb-2007
Looks like a 42 is possible

EDIT: My time finally got beaten, guess I'll have to reattain this record, as I've gotten just short of a 41 online .
  insane 04-May-2007
Originally posted by Eviltim ...
My time finally got beaten, guess I'll have to reattain this record, as I've gotten just short of a 41 online.

yeah, saw your record online
i suppose i should try again as well, though its hard to do it without drifting on keyboard
  Eviltim 08-May-2007
I'll see how that record stands up .

I can't imagine doing this one a keyboard successfully, good luck Insane.
  insane 10-May-2007
probably with a really lucky run i could get near the 43.00, but nowhere under i suppose
i'll jsut give up trying, or buy a gamepad soon
  -Homie- 11-May-2007
Finally I also have a 41
  insane 20-Jun-2007
yay, got classic
Thx a bunch guys
  -Homie- 24-Jun-2007
Weeee my first classic rec

Insane, go for Styla²
  insane 28-Jun-2007
jeez, and i thought homies rec would last forever
oh well, congrats on that time echo, and Styla² is indeed in work
  -Homie- 05-Jul-2007
Wait Echo, I'll get ur for sure

EDIT: Wooohaaaaa what a time!

EDIT²: wooot? Styla²
Plz PM me when its finished
Maybe can I beta-test it
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 48 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Rava 26-May-2007
superb great track, one of the fastest Bay tracks and superb flowing... more of this Insane
  CMC*Wally 23-Jun-2007
Great and very very very fast Bay track !
I'm not Bay-Speed fan, i prefere Bay-Techs but this track deserves for my award !
The best Bay speedtrack
  QuinX 31-Jul-2007
fantastic bay track speed i like it
  Rom 03-Mar-2008
Awesome map , speed of course , but hard
  smz 11-Mar-2008
never played such a fast bay track ^^ i am in love.
  Jet777 04-Jul-2008
This is really fast and really flow-ey for a bay track
Well deserved!
  CMC|Taylor 20-Jan-2009
This is seriously the best, fastest, most addictive and most frustrating Baytrack I've ever played (actually, I'm unsure if Styla is better than Styla^2 , award coming there as well )
Starts off quite slow (not really slow actually, looks slow compared to the rest of the track ), nice jumpy start & loop (even though it's a little frustrating because it's a bit buggy if you don't have the perfectline)
But then.... OoOoOoOMG it gets simply mad! Pure madness, pure genious, pure thrill, pure speed!
That passages looks simple but they aren't, 'cause of the extreme high speed (about 650 in Bay, lol )
I that 90°-loop, can't explain why, it's just about precision in entrance and exit of it
And in the end... here comes the OMG! difficult final platforms that really fits well your nickname I gotta say
Especially the exit of the last platform is impossible to me... in my best lap I released too much the gas, because in my previous laps I always skidded and crashed, and lost about 0.6s -.-' (had 43.03 with finish crash, ended with 42.72 while I had -80...)
Despite of the insane frustration-level, this track still deserves a:

>> PLATINUM! << + 300th personal award given
I waited a long time for the right map to give my 300th award... finally I found the two Stylas

Hope to see another sick baytrack by you
  Nim 20-Dec-2009
amazing highspeedmap!
i lobe it!
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