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Track Name
Name: SwingFly
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   breach
Version: 28-Sep-2008
Released: 28-Sep-2008
TMX id: 1072873
LB Rating: 40,129
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Snow
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0:47.31   ichirou+ 0:00.0040,129
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0:47.63   Shap[NR]+ 0:00.3238,500
0:48.18   Wallaby+ 0:00.8735,701
0:48.19   Razor.+ 0:00.8835,650
0:48.42   breach+ 0:01.1134,480
0:48.71   The Idler+ 0:01.4033,004
0:48.88   » Ebou / Busy!+ 0:01.5732,138
0:49.92   CMC|Taylor+ 0:02.6126,846
0:51.10   kevin916+ 0:03.7920,840
0:52.78   Ricardo Rix+ 0:05.4712,290
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Author Comments

Hey TMX!

... BB/LB-project ...

As Breach wanted me to write the author comment, here I go (as BigBrother of this project)
SwingFly is a snow-track made with the BB/LB program. We started with it about nine months ago and here finally is the result of our work and effort!
It's a speedy snow-track fully built by Breach (I just gave the tips and inputs), easily doable in fullspeed with many (mainly easy) transitions and jumps. There are a lot of curves as well to bring variety in the track. We experimented a lot and changed some parts again and again. The result is as easy and as fun as possible without loosing any creavivity or so called "wow-factor". The only really tricky part might be the finish where you jump into a spiral. The track includes a nice scenery and full MT. Quite a long intro, a GPS-cam and an outro all these things with FX-stuff.

Short trackinfo

Coppers used: 4446
AT: 48+
Difficulty: intermediate, should be no problem once you know the route but still not too easy
Style: fullspeed, jumpy/quite transitional, challenging

Well as BB of this project I wanna add some words here! It was my first project and from beginning on I had a good feeling as Breach wanted to build similar as I do. Well we started...and I soon saw the potential of Breach. We experimented a lot, tried out this and that, made track track harder and easier again, talked about transitions, scenery, respawnways etc It was a great experience and I can every good builder recommend being a BB. Breach is now a really advanced mapper as you will see in this track! I'm very happy with it, also with the MT which is just brillant! Glad I could help you mate!

cheers tmjonas, BB of this project
representing Breach the real builder of this track who was more than just a LB!

Have fun on this track guys!
Upload your best time and please give comments/feedback!

User Comments
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  breach 28-Sep-2008
I would like to say thank you to tmjonas that has shown me great patience and has been really helpful along the way to the finnishline i dont really know what else to say so i will quote myself from a PM i sent to tmjonas after he wrote the AC for this
Quote ...
Evening m8!

Thanks a million for thoose vere well put words for the AC text. I could not have done that better, therefore i asked you to do it for me i guess

Gosh, has it been NINE months allready? Eventhough i have not been building on this track every minute of thoose nine months i seem to have lost the track of time I guess i am lucky that i have alot of stuff going on all the time, meaning not just building tracks in TMU... you know, that thing they call IRL

I have to say that i really made a "shot in the dark" when i asked you to BB for me nine months ago. I was expecting a NO on my first PM to you. I don´t know why? I guess i felt that i had a long way to go before i could make a descent track.
I remember that i had been driving your TMU tracks on the swedish server alot. I never made it to the finnishline in timelimit. It took me ages to make a clean run on transitional and i remember that i really was impressed by the way you have built that track. I still am btw

I was very wrong in my presumption. And therefore i was very wrong about you as a person. I did not see the full potential of tmjonas but it did not take me long time to see it...

I am really glad that you helped me on this track. I have to say that eventhough we accomplished a nice track i think the real joy is not just only the track it self, but it is the fun in this whole project. And that is all thanks to you

I will release the track in a few days. I have to make a screeny for it first. I have one "halfdone" but i have alot of stuff on my mind right now and i´ll wait until the weekend i guess.

Again... Thank you very much! This has been a journey that i will remember with a smile on my face and alot of joy in my heart

´till next time...

Sincerly // breach

Have fun on the track guys
  tmjonas 28-Sep-2008
Yay it's up!
Well you know how I feel about the project:
Quote ...
And about the whole project I can say about the same as you: it was such a pleasure! An amazing and very helpful experience, full of nice moments and good improvements. Also I think we two as persons were a very good team.
I was also surprised as I saw that we've been together in this project for nine months Time went flying...

What you say about not just the track was this 'project' I can fully agree!
It was a time full of joy, I made a new friend, this project was always fun! So nice to see how you improved your skills in trackbuilding in general like I saw just last week with COIL or HOLBORN ... I think you are one of these persons with whom you really can work together in a team. A person who can pick up a lot of stuff, who doesn't just want to make a good track with a BB, but who wants to improve in general. Who was fun with TM. Thank you very much for this bcs a BB/LB-project wouldn't work without a motivated LB either.

And guys remember - the more uploaded replays the better
and btw this screen is so damn cool first non-breach-styled screen
  » Ebou / Busy! 28-Sep-2008
OoOooOO looks good! will try it out tomorow!
  MI 28-Sep-2008
When is your marriage?

edit: wait! Oo
exactly 9 months? so this track is your baby or what O__O?
you scare me
  breach 28-Sep-2008
lol MI

now shut up and upload a replay instead
  tmjonas 28-Sep-2008

EDIT: argh crashed at a low 48 :/
well replay in a week
  breach 28-Sep-2008
Thanks for the awards:

|AS| ben75
Ricardo Rix
  Tuta 28-Sep-2008
woho released
screenshot looks awesome
  breach 28-Sep-2008
@wallaby: i am surprised that it is so hard... i played it with 20ppl @playpalonline a few minutes ago and nobody could finnish it
  » Ebou / Busy! 29-Sep-2008
Breach, the people on playpal are big n00bs, they are only good at the easy maps
  breach 29-Sep-2008
hehe, yeah but cmon... it´s not that hard
  Wallaby 29-Sep-2008
hey ... I'm often @ playpal too.
Does it make a noob out of me
  The Idler 29-Sep-2008
Sorry, fullspeed just isn't for me...
I can see the track is masterfully done,
and can drive it well enough,
but there's just no fun in it for me.
  » Ebou / Busy! 02-Oct-2008
  breach 02-Oct-2008
@|AS| ben75
Ofc there are alternative routes. Some acctually work as respawnroutes!

And judging by your replay i have to ask if you expected signs and the end where you bounce around on the groundlevel totally out of control? Watch the GPS! That should give you a clue on where the finnishline is... or look for the CP signs to give your an easier route if theres trouble along the way
  tmjonas 07-Oct-2008
wow cool to see those lovely awards
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Razor. 28-Sep-2008
so great!
Sry for short award, BB/LB masterpiece!
  CMC|Taylor 28-Sep-2008
Wooooo, nice one
Great transitions, even though the speed is a bit low for me ^^
Haaaaaard... but challenging even for a snown00b called RKO
The ending idea is great, but the forcecam2 after the "loop" is a bit annoying, I drive with cam1

>> ² <<
  ichirou 28-Sep-2008
Nice transitions, good speed and not so hard route I've played a beta of this long time ago maybe that's why the route wasn't hard Awesome intro and really nice outro Good scenery too! The last loop is a bit hard to get good speed through but it's no problem driving through it I think that's where I gained most time from my previous ghost which was almost the same.

from ichi
  Tuta 28-Sep-2008

first of all, best intro ever in a racetrack lovely fx-colors and texteffects but what makes perfect is the super camera angles
and the track!!! wow! the start is fairly simple but i like tight areas and this start is really cool coming to and orgy of new and old transitions (most new) wich makes you go wow jumps are incredibly smooth a bit of wow-effect misses cause it aint the fastest snowtrack really but it makes up in fun and creativity! i have a bit of problem with the last jump to the corkscrew though, but it mostly works well
Scenery is outstanding! awesoem mix of houses and trees and that stuff you can really tell it has been in the oven fotr nine months
The first times i drove it it had that typical breach-style (aka confusing) at some points but you give it 5 min and it goes like nothing
damn if i could write like this on my english-tests
super job

<--From: >>Tuta<<

  Hitchy 28-Sep-2008
  Sivert 28-Sep-2008
Genious transitions
Genious speed
Genious flow
Genious mt
Genious rescue routes
Genious scenery
Genious screenie
Genious teamwork
breach... you'll be a BB now

  Wallaby 28-Sep-2008

So ... enough agressions xD

Yeah , it's really the best bb project track
I saw already some of that and most of the bb/lb tracks were a bit disappointing...
This one is really great

1. You are finally somebody who learned to make great and varaible Transitions in a track

2. The Mt is a rocker ... although the outro could be better

3. The Scenery , that is very much worth in my eyes , I love huge Scenerys

But you could set the difficulty to exert

-->Rating: 9.75 / 10 +
  » Ebou / Busy! 29-Sep-2008
You Guys are Funkin' KrazY!!!!!!!

Best Intro
One of the best snow tracks around
Awesome BB
Great LB
SO FUNKING HARD!! I tried for about 30 minutes just to get half way through it, Sorry, but my times weren't good enough to put up

Congrats on an another awesome team!!
  Frx ben75 02-Oct-2008
It's very hard to play! For me, the difficulty should be "expert". Fortunately, there are others ways than indicated by the GPS. That's the reason why my time is so bad. Some signs are missing at the end.
I give you an award because I am not a bad guy.

  Ricardo Rix 02-Oct-2008
a track builders track, full of great combinations and smooth transitions, but unlike ur other tracks I've played it doesn't work so welll as a racing track. It sure shows your ability to build a high quality production.
If you are a LB then this will show and with your other tracks that you have the true mark of BB. keep tracking
  MI 05-Oct-2008
Awesome Screenie!
Very beautiful Intro ! Really well chosen cams .
Track is full of great transtitions and action. I can feel tmjonas' influence here^^.
Sadly, the track is very underrated... :/

  KekX 07-Oct-2008

And it deserves surely more awards!
Brilliant intro, race feeling and speed!

BIG award


Go on with that great work!!!
  Drave 10-Apr-2009
Awesome map
Nice screen

For you

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