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Name: Voyager
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Kendar
Version: 24-Jan-2007
Released: 24-Jan-2007
TMX id: 107085
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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1:01.94   Sriver+ 0:00.07-
1:02.00   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.13-
1:02.08   Kendar+ 0:00.21-
1:02.42   Axon+ 0:00.55-
1:02.65   MaB+ 0:00.78-
1:02.92   Pjotr+ 0:01.05-
1:03.72   kicaclo+ 0:01.85-
1:03.91   BrummHummel+ 0:02.04-
1:03.97   MEFjihr+ 0:02.10-
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Author Comments

After designing 40 tracks for Sunrise, I’m happy to post my first United track – an Island concrete speed track.

Take a ride on Voyager.

The path is fast, but easy to find your way.
Come on and post your times.
And most of all... Have FUN!!!

Kendar - Xtreme Trackers

User Comments
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  Kendar 24-Jan-2007
KEV Fan Thanks for my first TMU award! And double thanks for posting a time. I always watch all replays that are posted. Funny comments, especially the ato comment Cheers!

Andree I'm glad you had fun. That is what I like to hear. And I appreciate the feedback on my sign placement.

Vincent I'm glad you enjoyed the slide party. Thanks - I'm happy to receive your award and time submission.

Virus Cool - my first overfast award - hee hee. Thanks, man - I'm glad you liked it. I'll start thinking of a sequel to "Attack of the Clones"

Buchi Thanks, dude - I'm glad to hear your comments. That is exactly what I was striving for on this track. Cheers, mate!

Micster Nah - you don't need a wig... shaved heads are cool. LOL - nice comments, dude. Thanks!!!

JustCC Ah - another one that likes the speed. Thanks for the award and the time!

smok3y Awesome award comments! I'm happy you enjoyed the track and the MT! And I appreciate you posting your time too! It's fun to watch them all together.

DaKKoN Thanks for taking the speed challenge! Your comments are very funny I'm glad you enjoyed the layout and the MT. But there's no way I'd call you a n00b. Just a little rusty - maybe.

DanDaMan Thanks, dude. Maybe I should take a page from your book and trade mark my Loop Cam

s8ndm8n Thanks - I'm glad you had fun. Sure you can stop for now... but you'll be back. I'll make sure of it. I can't think of any of my island race tracks that you let me own the WR.

pitstep Thanks mate!

Squirrel Thanks for playing! Glad you had fuuuun.

NastiSavage Yeah - I had fun chasing my ghost too. But I prefer the word "streamlined" scenery. Just trying to keep the coppers under 6k. Thanks for the comments - Cheers!

MasterDisaster Thanks my friend. I enjoyed reading your nice comments. Glad you had some furious fun.

Plus9dB996 Thanks mate! I appreciate the award, especially from someone who knows a thing or two about red boosters.

Ganjaweeds Ahh, another speed addict! Thanks dude!

x_TLS_x I'm happy you enjoyed it! Thanks a bunch!!

(oxo)Hastings Yah, I had a few red boosters left over from BLAST so I thought I would use them here. Thanks for the award, and I'm glad you enjoyed the MT too!

Cephid I don't mind that it is late - I'm just happy you played it and liked it. Oooh and bumped me up to 20 awards - that's a nice number . Thanks, dude!!

Maniac Weeeeeeeee, still getting awards for this map. Thanks!!!

Master_Track Serve it up fast and grab on for dear life! Waaa Hooooo!!!

SkunkY You say it's not your style, but I see you sneaking around playing Plus9dB996 tracks here and there... Maybe red boosies are your secret guilty pleasure. (I won't tell anyone)
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 24-Jan-2007

Well, but I can recommend you:
Kendar it's a great mapper, and overall, he's very INNOVATIVE. Believe me. I recommend him!
I hope this will help to you
  Kendar 24-Jan-2007
Thanks Master_Track - you are very kind.
  Virus721 (TM Break) 24-Jan-2007
Ho yeah! Powaaaaaa! Kendar's baaaaack! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa ! ! ! !
  KEV Fan 24-Jan-2007
Wheeee welcome to TMU-Exchange Kendar
Great to see one more great island mapper arrive here - can´t wait to see more of your maps in the future.
  Vincent 24-Jan-2007
Welcome to TMU, m8! With you on board again, the Island community feels more complete.
  Virus721 (TM Break) 24-Jan-2007
Hey Ken, this track roxx, but i prefer all your old strange weird and all trax! PlzzzZZZ can you re make mega starnge trax? I'd be happy to c a new Quikie erie on another environement or sth!

  Kendar 24-Jan-2007
What nice "welcome back" comments from everyone. Thank you very much!

I'll definitely be posting more tracks including strange quickies and crazy puzzles.

Plenty more fun to come!

  s8ndm8n 01-Feb-2007
Har har! My first run
-after the initial test of course
  Kendar 02-Feb-2007
There you go... I knew you would come back.
  SkunkY 24-Oct-2007
Hehe thats true, Plus9dB996 has some fun tracks. I like his style.
Not all red mania tracks are bad and yours isnt either, otherwise I would have given no award.
  MasterGary 15-Dec-2007
Heyho Axon, nice choice for the island Connection

1.05.21 uploaded

Yep, I agree with Vincent below me
  Vincent 15-Dec-2007
Yeah, the map is fun - no doubt!

But unfortunately there are no camera changes in the loops, that makes it a bit lucky...
  Axon 17-Dec-2007
Yo Kendar ...

Man that was hard to beat yr time...

faster is still possible = but would take a lot of patience...

Cheeerrrrrrrrssssss Axon....
  Kendar 25-Feb-2008
Axon Thanks for the support! Really nice to be submitted to the Island thread.
MasterGary Thanks - glad you could enjoy the red boosters
MaB Cool. Nice time too!
BrummHummel Funny award - thanks for playing!
CraxX Cheers, mate!
Nibor Big Thank!
  htpioneer 25-Jul-2011
I am curious as to why there is no Scores for all players.
  Sriver 25-Jul-2011
Classic tracks have their own leaderboard.
  Zemano ! 19-Aug-2016
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Jet777 16-Mar-2007
That was fast
And fun
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 21-Apr-2007
Promise #32
Woow, how fast, red, red, red, I want red!
That's like drug! Great wallrides and loops mates.
But... hey! Can you repeat the first loop with MT? I don't understand anything! Great!!!
Wow... amazing speed, I drive almost without control.

And superb MT. Here you got your
  SkunkY 22-Oct-2007
LoL ! Red Boost Overdrive!
Not exactly my taste but a funny track anyway.
  Axon 14-Dec-2007
Yo Kendar...

Ubercool speed track.... Love the slides and it certainly leaves heaps of room for improvement...
Takes a while to learn the lines but then its fun fun fun ....

Just pedal to the metal and drive....

Therin lies its appeal to me... so I have submitted this track to the new Island Thread

Anda really good MT for replays...

Cheeeerrrrrrsssssss Axon ....
  MasterGary 15-Dec-2007

Intro : nice one

in-game : awesome and cool cams

outro : looks good


What a blast

I normally don't like red boosters map, but this one here is fun to drive

It deserves an from me ^^


5ocC MasterGary
  MaB 16-Dec-2007
Fast, edgy track. Fun! And addictiive.
  BrummHummel 18-Dec-2007
what the hell.. this track is lame... no speed.. no action... just some lame curves and stupid concrete...

but what? i stupid???

this one is sooo fuc**** great! filled with speed and action i love redbooster action!!!
and the damn shit is that i played it round about 50 times and couldn´t beat the time i made at my 4th attempt... LOL

i need more of this stuff!
  CraxX 21-Dec-2007
great track

lovely speed and big jumps

get ya

  Nibor 25-Feb-2008
Amazing Speed Track.
Greeat Design and MT Work.
Excellent Job, Kendar
  Sriver 25-Jul-2011
i usually don't like red booster tracks, and this one was no exception at first^^
but i wanted to get the wr... and the more i drove it, the more fun it became xD

  Zemano ! 19-Aug-2016
Red boostah powahhh !!

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