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Name: Download Deserted
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   s8ndm8n
Version: 27-Sep-2008
Released: 26-Sep-2008
TMX id: 1061254
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 74,812
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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1:01.58   Co2+ 0:00.0074,812
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1:01.83   BrummHummel+ 0:00.2572,990
1:02.17   Dengel+ 0:00.5970,511
1:02.42   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.8468,689
1:03.28   osna+ 0:01.7062,420
1:03.43   Axon+ 0:01.8561,327
1:03.81   Kendar+ 0:02.2358,557
1:03.93   Edge+ 0:02.3557,682
1:04.20   X_Darkman_X+ 0:02.6255,714
1:04.27   DaKKoN+ 0:02.6955,204
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Author Comments

Finally! A new track from me
As usual this track started some time ago (TMS Extreme) and went through numerous transformations.
It is a multi-lap track (set to one lap).
And once again I've used Firefly's Desert Mod (my new default )
Download @ (44MB)
Download @ (44MB)

Track includes full MT including a guide vehicle.
"Deserted (day version)"

TRACK UPDATED Decided to update the track so you don't hit the start/finish.
Sorry for the time submissions but it's for the best and if you are upset you can blame Brumm for greasing his car

Thanks to my XT-clanmates for their beta-testing

Check this one if you haven't already...

"Tunnation< reloaded by   Cephid

User Comments
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  Co2 29-Sep-2008
Respect to you too nice fight here!
  s8ndm8n 29-Sep-2008
Amazing driving you two
  BrummHummel 29-Sep-2008
I´ll try to come close to your time. But not today
  s8ndm8n 29-Sep-2008
Someone commented online "gimme signs!". I just wanted to state my position on this subject. For one, this track has an extensive use of blue signs so those alone should guide you through 95% of the track. For the other 5% I apologize as I was just relying on your awareness. At the start there is no sign telling you the shorter way is left, but I figured that the player would notice the possibility to go left was there and also the yellow boost. At others I tried to frame the track in such a way as to force the player to drive in a particular direction to where they will see the next sign. I've realized that adding signs quite frequently just add to the confusion so now I just try to place them well or rely on the tracks framing to guide them in the proper direction. I know my signs seem quite distant oftentimes but I refuse to put four signs where one should suffice. If you are confused where to go then you are looking around too much instead of letting the path lead you to where you should go.
And lastly there is a guide vehicle
  SkunkY 29-Sep-2008
That someone must have been me. ..its always me!
I didnt want to tread on your toes, it was just my helpless way to tell you I was lost.
I may have forgotten to tell you later: 'Found my way through!"
Though I didnt seem to be the only one one having problem to find my way through in 5 minutes playtime since I'm the best of the rest (excluding you and the funmania players cause I know Dagobert always likes to restart maps).
However it wasnt a big deal for me, I just didnt think before I talked, not concidering the rat-tail that would follow on my comment so I appologize.
  Dag@bert 30-Sep-2008
shure, I like to restart good maps, and I am happy to recieve mostly a good feedback for that on the server !

shure, I am not the youngest player of all, so a restart is mostly helpful for me to do a better time - but that's my prob ^^

shure, I like good maps, thats all > so: don't stop driving good maps and repeat and repeat them forever ! ( ... who the hell founded this crap 5-6 minutes-finish for servers ??)

shure, I am not a competition driver, I drive for my personal fun and for sharing this fun with others

shure, I still miss some signs on your sunset-map sandy, but the way-finding is quite easy

greatz, Dago
  s8ndm8n 30-Sep-2008
Well I will add that my 3yr old son has no problem finding his way on this one. He just gets stuck on the wall ride before the finish
Perhaps I should seek out an even younger tester

But your point is taken. I did remove signs at two corners and replaced them with the large curving scenery parts. Other than those and I guess the start I really don't know where I am expected to add signs. I really hope I can overcome this problem in my future tracks but I doubt it. Like I said above I've crammed signs into tracks and got the same type of feedback. Heck, on Monster Mash we got the same feedback and all we did to make them happy was to double them up everywhere. Kendar thought I was being sarcastic but I really didn't know what the fuck people expected. I've finally come to the conclusion that it really all depends how complex the construction is. People just get overwhelmed when they see elaborate construction. More signs are not the solution necessarily. I don't know how many times I've wrecked because I was staring at a sign and then tried to understand exactly where they were pointing. To me they are a distraction more often than they are helpful.

So my new sign philosophy is to use the blue signs directly over the path where appropriate and I try to place left and right signs so that when I want the driver to go right that the sign is first visible on the far right and then it should exit the screen on the left and vice versa. I've noticed that when left/right signs are placed directly in the path that it is often too late to react correctly to the sign and I've also noticed that for example, when a sign pointing left is placed on the right that it can inadvertently draw your attention to it and cause you to drive in the wrong direction.

TM obviously doesn't attract the most patient people. It's a bunch of over-caffeinated under-sexxed high speed freaks and pubescent computer generation young geniuses. It seems everyone wants to drive a track for gold on their first run, get the AT by their third run then award it and forget it

Btw, I removed the track from the playlist immediately because it was obvious that the majority on the server are used to just blasting straight ahead into the same old 90deg turns that turn only left/right for the whole track on Island tracks. But somehow everyone has the patience to drive snow tracks that are just an endless series of transitions
  SkunkY 30-Sep-2008
@ Dagobert shure make microphones...
Originally posted by s8ndm8n ...
TM obviously doesn't attract the most patient people. It's a bunch of over-caffeinated under-sexxed high speed freaks and pubescent computer generation young geniuses. It seems everyone wants to drive a track for gold on their first run, get the AT by their third run then award it and forget it

Thats exactly what it is.
Well, not exactly.. look at which tracks are all-time classics online. Its the simple tracks such as Superman, Burning Rubber 2, and other tracks of that simple style.. easy to learn and drive. The point is that we only have 5 minutes per track online.
Offline is another story.

I agree with your states about signs and constructions.
When I was yelling for signs I didnt exactly mean signs anyway, in fact I dont care how you guide me through a track but I needed a guide at that very moment.
The best signs are no signs.. means the scenery guides you through the track and the signs are just the dot on the I for it.

However, I dont even know if this is the right place to discuss this since I've found my way through and I've driven more confusing tracks a lot of times and I liked them. All I need is a little time to practice.
  Dengel 01-Oct-2008
gg u2
  s8ndm8n 03-Oct-2008

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User Awards
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User Award   KEV Fan 30-Sep-2008
Haha what happened ?
This is the third map in a row from you which I could finish with my crappy driving skillz.
This is a juicy one - loved that car tumbling leftside in the air to correct its direction approaching the checkpoint.
Besides one imo too harsh turn this layout is superb - I it
Finding the way was easy - well placed signs - however I prefer the animated ones from the XT signpack which are seen more easily.
Go on mate - make more in that level of difficulty -
User Award   DaKKoN 01-Oct-2008
Damnz I love this track all over!!!
Brilliant design and flow.
Great ideas and jumps and overall addictive to the bone!!!
Loads of places to pick up some time!!
And I even can get in the top10 Really special!!
1st finish (2nd try) I gained gold so I was wondering if someone else maybe build this track, but now. It's all you and it's awesome!!!! MORE OF THIS!!

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