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Name: Psyclone
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Kendar
Version: 25-Sep-2008
Released: 25-Sep-2008
TMX id: 1058852
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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Author Comments

I thought I’d surprise everyone with a Bay race map. The second one, I’ve ever made (not including puzzles). You won’t find a lot of fancy transitions, and you won’t find any loops or wall rides. In fact, most of this map is your basic road pieces, off-road, and roof-tops. Only near the end do I throw in a few of those black metal pieces just for fun.

Oh yeah, there’s only 1 yellow booster at the start and that’s it! But don’t worry that it may be too slow for your liking – there will be plenty of speed.

So experience Bay the Kendar way…

User Comments
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  Kendar 25-Sep-2008
Dengel Thanks mate! Go for it.
INSAnE_NL Thanks - glad you liked it.
tuutti I appreciate your nice comments - thanks!
pitstep Always nice to see U enjoy my tracks. Thanks for the replay!
BrummHummel Wow - what a killer time. I figured you could handle the speed, and I'm happy that you enjoyed the ride!
gadget You wrecked my city!! LOL Thanks for the replay and the nice comments. I'm glad you had fun.
OLDA_X Thanks for the award!
Ville Cheers, mate! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.
Cephid Thanks buddy - rock on!
smok3y Dude, you are a force to be reckoned with!! Seems like you really take to my speed tracks, no matter what environment. I'll never forget what you did on Stranger in a Strange Land. You go, go, go, and I'll keep chanting, "smok3y, smok3y, artichok3y"! errr, ahh, maybe not - that sounds kinda silly now that I say it out loud.
s8ndm8n Thanks, dude - I'm glad you felt the groove on this one.
Edge I'm glad to hear you're excited about this track and had fun!
Markus 6000 coppers of buildings - I'm glad I achieved a "city feeling" Cheers, mate!
NastiSavage Now that is an analogy that I've never heard before. Thanks fellow keyboarder.
maphios Hey buddy - your time is awesome. Those other guys are just freaks! Heh heh. Thanks for playing.
DaKKoN Hey dude, I can't FS that corner either which is probably why we have similar times. It will be fun to watch our replays. I'm stoked you enjoyed the track - thanks for the great comments.
KEV Fan I'll definitely check out your replay - I love watching replays that people post on my tracks. I'm glad you enjoyed the map and MT even though it took a while to learn. (actually I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that needs 50 tries to learn a track). I'd love to do another Bay sometime, but the next non-Island track from me will be quite a surprise, I think.
PapyChampy Your award means a lot to me. Thanks a bunch Papy!!
[pob]KekX Thank you for your very nice, BIG award!!
SkunkY You must be back on your fast computer. Thanks for returning to this track and giving it another go. Cheers!
Pray Wow - that's an awesome time!! It's great to see new faces on my maps. Thank you very much for playing and awarding!!

  Ville 25-Sep-2008
Fast bay maps are just my taste will test this one
  SkunkY 25-Sep-2008
On a Kendar map I should ask for the coppers. Especially on bay. I am almost sure I wont be able to play it with my crappy old pc.
I'm gonna try it anyway!
And you used only 1 yellow boost? I can hardly believe it!
  Kendar 25-Sep-2008
Yeah - I'm trying to cut back on my boosties. I call it my low-boostie diet.

But unfortunately I didn't cut back on the coppers. 6000 of 'em in this map. I did my best to get it down that low, but it was very hard because I have like 5 levels of buildings.
  BrummHummel 26-Sep-2008
Amazing tim smok3y - that will be hard to beat!
  smok3y 26-Sep-2008
Go go go Bee you can do it
  Kendar 26-Sep-2008
Smok3y - you just beat your own time!! Awesome.
  BrummHummel 26-Sep-2008
@smok3y: I know
But you nearly reached the limit! The last jump never worked that good for me. Seems that you found the perfect angle Good job!
  smok3y 26-Sep-2008
I think there is some margin left here still
  BrummHummel 26-Sep-2008
I´ll try again this evening when i´ve drunk 3 beers. Then everything seems slower (Dunno what will happen to my reaction but i´ll find a solution^^) Or should i try bacardi as you did some weeks ago and joined TMRS That was funny and you were still pretty fast
  smok3y 27-Sep-2008
Hahaha - Bacardi is the way to go
  NastiSavage 28-Sep-2008
BTW, that was a cool intro!
  Kendar 28-Sep-2008
Thanks. I haven't been inspired to do much MT for a while so I just wanted something different.
  SkunkY 24-Oct-2008
I'm still on the slow computer but I dared to try it anyway.
With PC1 it works. ^^
Tomorrow however I'll get my new gfx card and can rock the house on max settings!
  Kendar 25-Oct-2008
My gfx card is 3 years old.
You'll be ROCKIN'with your new card!!
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User Awards
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  Pray.sKillz 24-Oct-2008
hallo m8
i have never seen such amazing bay map
The speed are the flow are stunning.
build more of this very nice bay speed maps

All in one i LOVE it

greeZ Pray
  Nim 29-Nov-2009
Great map!
  MaB 04-Feb-2010
Great map! Were the F*** is Kendar??
  Fallout Boy 06-May-2019
I don't write awards anymore because there's a 99% chance you won't ever see this.
but I absolutely love this map
I've never seen a map get such impact and use from every block used
most other authors(myself included) have to use 2-3 times the amount of blocks to achieve the feeling of this map

no loops, no crazy transitions, no pf sections, no mt nonsense

It evokes the feeling and theme of Bay masterfully.
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