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Track Name
Name: TMX Community Snow Track 1
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 23-Jan-2007
Released: 23-Jan-2007
TMX id: 105648
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Snow
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Author Comments

TrackMania United TMX Community Snow Track 1. (Long name.. )

Captain: Terrorpilot
1, Jonkster.
2, Terrorpilot.
3, Cyberfrog.
4, MasterDisaster.
5, Mikoz.
6, Andree.
Mediatracking stuff:
Intro: Made by the captain...
Ingame: Jonkster!!
Outro: MasterDisaster!!
Screeny: Terrorpilot.

Terrorpilot, and the rest of the great team!!

User Comments
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  movo. 23-Jan-2007
  Jake 23-Jan-2007
sry guys i couldnt award it...
terror would get my award but i cant award a community track that contains only one good part imo....
SRY guys
but thats my opinion
  movo. 23-Jan-2007
Well maybe i've to put my part into an individually track of me..

Thx for all the great awards!
  Cyberfrog 23-Jan-2007
W00t! It's a nice track! Speedy and fun.

I'd just like to give a big to Terrorpilot for the captaining.
  Alcator 23-Jan-2007
Everybody, download and view my replay! There's an amazing moment just before finish - you simply HAVE to see that to believe it :-)
  MasterDisaster 23-Jan-2007
Well..i had a lot of fun building with all of you guys....i think we can be proud of our work
Oh..and thank everybody for your kind comments! Thank you!
  Djoszee 23-Jan-2007
The text on the screenshot is very hard to read (at least it is in the small version), maybe you should outline it with a 1pixel outline in white

  Jonkster 23-Jan-2007
Big thanks for all the awards people!

Had fun doing it, pleased to see peeps having fun racing it.
  MikoZ 24-Jan-2007
yeah Thanks For Awards People.. it was pleisure to work with other builders
  Jonkster 25-Jan-2007
Well TP, i think your 180 turn on ice was a bit of a hit, allmost every award mentions it!
  Cyberfrog 25-Jan-2007
Yea... Almost no part of the track is something I would have made in the editor, the 180 least of all. But that's part of the charm with community tracks .
  movo. 25-Jan-2007
Yeah, I thought it was kinda shitty but it seems to be rewarded
  JumperJack 26-Jan-2007
yeah, it seemed shitty to me too when i tried it for the first time, it's something i never would have put in one of my track, much too innovative (a bit innovative is good, but not so much...) - but when you drove it for the second time, and the third, and the fourth, you'll find out how flowing it is in fact... amazing idea terrorpilot...
  movo. 26-Jan-2007
  Hageldave 27-Jan-2007
wow! screen
damn nice work pilot
  movo. 27-Jan-2007
Thx Dave,
Beautiful times guys!!
  Cyberfrog 27-Jan-2007
I no longer have the third most awarded Snow track.

Edit: To everyone giving Andree a hard time for his part: If you drive fast enough, you can jump over the building . It rules, and looks awesome on the outro.
  movo. 29-Jan-2007
Whehe Cyberfrog..
Again so many thx a lot to the guys who awarded it, thx for those words men!
  Wallaby 19-Nov-2007
Edit: Like it now^^
  Ola200 14-Jan-2008
You get a award for this, guys. GREAT JOB!!!
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User Awards
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  pjw 28-Jan-2007
Really cool fun track (yeah, the 180, but all the rest too, like the between-buildings bit, and the final jump). Very well designed and very "dense"--you never got bored or had a second to relax--nicely done!
  fonzie 02-Feb-2007
Great track and superb wok from all the authors, i have been hearing about a few little bits that people dont like but i enjoyed the whole track, it was a great collaboration. I like the 180 slide, although in alot of tracks in would not be that appropriate it was fun in this track
  Alselius 02-Feb-2007
1. FLOW 10/10
The best track evah -- Great speed, awesome new ideas and great speed all over the track - a great flow what is woeth far more than these few awards here some parts were a bit bad though - especially the turn after MikoZ' high speed tech.
2. SCENERY 10/10
Also as great as the flow - especially the middle and start. The forest at the start was like It caught my breath!
A great flow and what's most important - new ideas like the 180 on ice...
4. MT 10/10
A great intro and breathtaking in-game names. Not too great outro.
5. OVERALL 100 /100
A great high speed and tech snow track with some great new ideas and a great MT work! The best com- track ever!
  BadJack 08-Feb-2007
Super track!
  Mudguts 14-May-2007
Seeing as though this is the only track I ever Jukebox online, I think its about time I gave it my award. As everyone else has pointed out, this track rules
  Ola200 14-Jan-2008
I LOVE this track,the 180 on ice is just amazing! this is a very GOOD JOB GUYS!!!

Specially dedicated for:

1, Jonkster.
2, Terrorpilot.
3, Cyberfrog.
4, MasterDisaster.
5, Mikoz.
6, Andree.

  Lomax 17-Jun-2008
Very well done! I especially like the 180 ice slide and the gap between the two buildings.
Great job everyone!
  Wallaby 02-Feb-2009
Nice Community Track
Sucks at some parts (last jump sucks imo , too buggy) but really cool
Love the 180C° turn^^
Great Screen and incredible Outro^^

  Nim 07-Jun-2010
amazing track!
the part is terrorpilots
  antanasro 04-Jan-2014
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