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Track Name
Name: Squeeze
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   s8ndm8n
Version: 22-Sep-2008
Released: 20-Sep-2008
TMX id: 1035835
LB Rating: 63,380
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:00.16   Co2+ 0:00.0063,380
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:00.16   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0063,380
1:01.18   s8ndm8n+ 0:01.0256,932
1:01.20   renarda77+ 0:01.0456,806
1:01.61   osna+ 0:01.4554,214
1:01.94   pitstep+ 0:01.7852,128
1:03.17   Kendar+ 0:03.0144,353
1:04.01   Zeref+ 0:03.8539,043
1:08.06   Baggaba+ 0:07.9013,443
1:11.61   Fran_de_Kler+ 0:11.450
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Author Comments

This track was originally released on Sept. 4, 2005.

Updates Include:
-removed PF start
-removed a damn evil jump through split track
-changed the mood to Firefly's Desert Mod (my new default )
Download @ (44MB)
Download @ (44MB)
-added a guide car
-updated the replay a little

New tracks are in the pipeline...

Track Updated Sept. 21 Once again I'm sorry for the times but I managed to cut the loop. I didn't think it was possible to do it with any speed before but I proved myself wrong

User Comments
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  BrummHummel 25-Sep-2008
That´s true. xD
  Kendar 25-Sep-2008
"more artistic". Nice one.

Hey Brummy - great time matching Co2!
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User Awards
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  FT»Torque 20-Sep-2008
nice map

liked it
  pitstep 20-Sep-2008
cool track
nice ideas and multiway
  OLDA_X 20-Sep-2008
Very good map

.... .... OLDA_X
  smok3y 20-Sep-2008

Yep that is what this is
And it does a great job at being insane, i mean the track, you we know already are beyond insanity
Interesting work indeed s8ndy, this track is just awesome
Glad you reduced the difficulty in this one as compared to the original
But it still requires a lot of patience and trying it again n again to understand the route and the flow
And when you have the route memorized the next challenge is to make sure you make the intended path
Else it is a certain crash boom bang race

Loved the meticulously designed loop combos in the race they play well and are not ones where you can let the car guide itself to the way, you have to work everywhere in this track
And that is what i like, a challenge where every corner throws something new and interesting at you

G E N I O U S work indeed

Big SHiny Cup-->
  BogR 20-Sep-2008
Awesome track!

  Fran_de_Kler 20-Sep-2008
I like the track even if the start is a little bit hard.
Here is my .
  BrummHummel 20-Sep-2008
Yeah - without the strange diagonal behind cam it´s so much better now
This track is wonderful for wr hunting because here we have so much places to improve your time.
The finish is evil and fun at the same time ^^
My fav transition is directly after driving under the loop pieces right after the start works perfectly!
I also like the use of the modern looping Once you know it, it leads you to the following parts.
So.. what to say?
I like it a lot and i hope to see your next track (i mean one of these 2 i betatested )
  Razor. 20-Sep-2008
Now it's way better. Here's your award, the others mentioned enough.
  Dag@bert 20-Sep-2008

what a pleasure to drive and to improve the time
nice flow if you find the perfect line
really great job, I love it
  Cayman»LT 21-Sep-2008
Very nice track and great mod !
  KEV Fan 21-Sep-2008
Yeah s8ndy - usually your maps depress me because they show me how limited my driving skills are.... but not this one.
Layout is fair with great ideas - like the jump onto the yellow boostas
Transition between final cp and finish is sick
Great stuff mate
  Dengel 21-Sep-2008
very nice one
  Co2 21-Sep-2008
nice oldie
WR times really are slow atm xD

  SkunkY 22-Sep-2008
Good decision to take that squeeze away.
I remember that squeeze broke my neck a dozen times in the original version.
Although I must admit when I drove the track now it didnt feel familiar. I'm getting older you know.
But the update must be a great success cause I can finish the track even on my old crappy pc with an old crappy gamepad.
Not able to set a good time with this hardware but I'll try my other pad the next days and maybe I'll have a chance then. ^^
I think this is one of your easiest tracks by now and its good.
  Edge 22-Sep-2008
superb track,sandman!!!
A pleasure to drive from start to finish!!!
Great ideas!!!
I especially like the Startsection!!!

Well done!!!

  Kendar 23-Sep-2008
It took me a loooooong time to learn this track.
And I still suck at it.
But it's a great challenge!
And I love a well designed track that provides a good challenge.
(any tougher though, and I might have given up )

Cheers good buddy!!
  Baggaba 23-Sep-2008
The start and finish section are a bit too hard for my taste, but everything else is excellent! Great work (with a great mod)!
  ODS 24-Sep-2008
Nice Track
Need some Races to make a perfekt Round
big 4 this 1

  osna 28-Sep-2008
good track

i needed some tries till i finished it but with a bit of practice this one is really great
the flow is very nice

good work

23/ O$NA
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