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Track Name
Name: Speedhunter
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Vincent
Version: 20-Sep-2008
Released: 20-Sep-2008
TMX id: 1035247
LB Rating: 46,874
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:40.69   Keirabxtch.+ 0:00.0046,874
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:40.80   R.A.J.+ 0:00.1146,113
0:40.90   Bionick+ 0:00.2145,422
0:41.66   DaKKoN+ 0:00.9740,169
0:42.32   Vincent+ 0:01.6335,607
0:42.82   smok3y+ 0:02.1332,151
0:42.91   MaB+ 0:02.2231,529
0:42.97   gadget+ 0:02.2831,114
0:43.30   ErManito+ 0:02.6128,834
0:43.50   » Ebou / Busy!+ 0:02.8127,451
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Author Comments

Speedhunter is a Coast track that starts slow and builds up a lot of speed till the end. It´s a fun challenge to me – I hope you like it, too.
It should be easy to learn for any kind of driver, though some parts may feel strange in the beginning. I would call it "upper beginner level". As usually: To get a good time may be a bit harder.

- Author time: 43:20
- Coppers: 1616
- MT: Intro, Ingame & Outro
- Custom music: No
- Mod: No

Have fun!


User Comments
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  Vincent 20-Sep-2008
Thank you for the award and comments, gadget!
I´m not sure either that the internal cam in the beginning is the best solution - who knows?
"Total lack of scenery" may be a bit exaggerated, because even the screenshot shows that there is some scenery. But if you had some fun at driving, the main aim was achived.

Thank you, pitstep!

Thank you, BogR!

Thank you, ErManito!

Thank you, KEV Fan!

Thank you, Ignition, also for your advice.

Thank you, dominikaner!

Thank you, Bionick! Great time!

Thank you, smok3y! It´s surprising to me that you were not successful getting a good replay...

Thank you, R.A.J.! Super time!

Thanks a lot, Ebou - nice comment!

Thank you, Mauri!

Thank you, »"ÐrAvE°!

  gadget 20-Sep-2008
Well ok. While racing i´m just looking forward not downwards, So i never noticed those boats.
  MaB 21-Sep-2008
Likeable map, but not likeable enough for me to award it. The internal cam at the start is something I don't like, and actually the whole start I don't like. But that is of course a matter of taste; I just don't like those weird coast corners, too unsmooth for me, I get irritated by them.
I want to add: the outro is very good, cause then you can see how to drive the start better.
  Vincent 21-Sep-2008
Yep, most editor blocks from the Sunrise-Extreme-Update are quite crazy and difficult to use well - as a mapper and as a driver. Sometimes I try again to make some sense out of them, but it´s hard. Probably they serve better as scenery than for dringing them.

Hey smok3y, I see that you were successful now - good time!
  smok3y 27-Sep-2008
Yups - took me like 40 minutes to get there
  DaKKoN 16-Oct-2008
Heya m8!

I really enjoyed this track!!
BUT There are some things that with-hold me from awarding this track...

The most important part is the jump with the booster before the last turn. The faster you go there, the worse the outcome... I kept crashing there because my car tilted. I had to "brake" a little to get all 4 wheels on the boost to make it. Cause else my car flipped because only the rear wheels get boosted. That kinda killed the main fun for me
And the start coulc have been better, simply do not use the downhill-slope right before the xtreme block, but just connect the start right to it I like taking it though, cause you sort of makes a little freefall which I really like But it made me slide TO many times against the side

Still this track worked addictive on me (like nearly all your tracks for that matter ) but the jump really makes it impossible to award
Great effort though! And nice cams in outro, although some seemed slow and wrongly placed ?!? Like the one on the jump I dislike...

  Vincent 16-Oct-2008
Thank you very much, DaKKoN, I really appreciate your detailed comment. And you always say so many nice things that the critics don´t feel bad, they just help!
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User Awards
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  gadget 20-Sep-2008
Have some mixed feelings about this Track:
a) switch to internal cam at start. Don´t know, if its the best solution.
b) total lack of scenery.
c) "air brake jump". Landing is unsmooth. Don´t know, if another solution is possible here.

But hey, on the other side i enjoyed it driving this track.
So here´s a little cup for ya.

  pitstep 20-Sep-2008
cool jumps and offroading
nice layout
  BogR 20-Sep-2008
Nice track
I like the jumps

  ErManito 21-Sep-2008
Nice coaster!
Nice jumps!
Nice offroad!
Fun to drive!

  KEV Fan 21-Sep-2008
Start corners are mean
Map is very challenging to get an acceptable time.
Landing zones are hard to hit in the beginning - lateron its no prob
Good one Vince
  Ignition 22-Sep-2008
I give you a very small award because the start is not really well mapped, there could be more scenery (coast tracks are also something for your eyes and not only for driving) and the whole thing has no "specials". All in all a track to have fun for some rides but not even more.
>>>>> small <<<<<
  dominikaner 22-Sep-2008
nice track, with some challenging parts...

  Bionick 23-Sep-2008
Nice challenging track
Wild but restrainable
Fun to play

  smok3y 25-Sep-2008
Great track
Tech and very very hard to get the right lines
I kept crashing all the way and couldn't get even a gold medal here
  R.A.J. 25-Sep-2008
Cool map
I don't like the start
very nice intro & outro

  » Ebou / Busy! 29-Sep-2008

funny start, and the offroading through the gap was tricky Not sure about the name though, it wasn't that speedy, but the finish was

Good for online rounds! well done
  Sffn Mauri 08-Nov-2008
nice coast map
Nice challenging track
Nice Offroad
Nice fun
  Drave 08-Apr-2009
This is awesome

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