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Track NameAuthorEnvir.CarAwardsCom.LB RatingUser's BestUser's ScoreActiveEtc
Nic's Unite...  NicIslandIsland  Leaderboard Rating: 1,556 1,556 0:15.001,556This replay is NOT counting toward the Main Leaderboard rank (it is more than 30 days old). 0
Chaos De Be...  kekerIslandIsland  Leaderboard Rating: 1,335 1,335 0:55.361,335This replay is currently counting toward the United and Specialist Leaderboard rank (3 day(s) remaining). 3

Only your best 10 scores (within the last 30 days) count toward your leaderboard rating.
The best 2 scores (within the last 30 days) from each environment that also count toward your united leaderboard rating.
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