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Follow Up Nadeo Interview
Follow Up Nadeo Interview10:31 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Yes folks once again those great people behind this fabulous game we all enjoy have granted me the opportunity to ask those questions which have been on our collective minds over the last few months. What with TrackMania United Forever and TrackMania Nations Forever nearing completion
Read on to find out what Nadeo had to say. This time though we have to admit that because of the time pressures Nadeo are under in trying to complete their latest fantastic project we have decided to try and keep it reasonably to the point and have somehow managed to limit ourselves to only ten questions which cover what we feel are the more important points, There was as always much more we wanted to ask but felt we had to respect the team and let them try and stay on schedule. After all we are just as eager as you to start playing this much awaited update.

Once again in this interview as in the last, the Nadeo team are represented by the Director Of Creation himself Florent Castelnerac.

A few notes on the used terminology :
(It`s essentially the same as before really peeps.)

TMU-F refers to TrackMania United : Forever specifically,
TMN-F refers to TrackMania Nations : Forever, and
TMF refers to features/functions common to both.
The term "You" in the questions refers to Nadeo as a development team and not any individual member.

The Questions will be in Bold and the answers will be shown as quotes just as before.

So with no more ado lets get into it.
10:32 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Q1. During the initial interview you stated that there were going to be no new blocks in the game though shortly after there were images released which not only included some previously known though locked away blocks but some evidently new blocks, what prompted this change of mind?

Originally posted by Florent ...
The question was more about the gift and marketing we can do, than the deep logic of Forever. It takes me a lot of pushing to accept to do things that to me are illogical. Anyway, I am joking a little, but with the additional time we had, we were able to think about giving additionnal graphics.

Q2. From the published screenshots we have seen that there will now be water in the desert environment, Is this replacing the big canyon hole blocks and is it bouncy like in Stadium/TMS or will it be like Rally where you just sink. If the desert water is bouncy, will the rally water be getting upgraded too?

Originally posted by Florent ...
The rally water will have an upgrade. This may create a problem for some tracks. Sorry.

Q3. So far you have said there will only be new blocks for the classic environments, though as stated above you have been known to change your minds about things, so can you confirm that this is so or will there be any new treats for fans of the TMS environments or the Stadium? If not can you give us any clues as to what other new blocks will be available for Snow and Rally?

Originally posted by Florent ...
Only Stadium in addition to the Original Environments. The Original to make it richer and Stadium to make it more complete.

Q4. You have listed many new features for the Forever upgrade but one so far unmentioned is a compatability issue, will there be Checkpoint Resets in TMN-F and have you added any other new features since last we spoke?

Originally posted by Florent ...
Yes, respawning will be in TMN-F. I only wish they will avoid it in big competitions on television, for people will have difficulties in following car teleportation.

Q5. There is an evident Cadre of TM-Nations Players who have stated that they will refuse to update to TMN-F because they say they think the TMU stadium is not as focused as the TMN Stadium and due to a higher graphical overhead runs slower on their computers, and do you have anything to say to encourage them to update or are you going to leave them alone and keep the TMN classic master server running indefinatley?

Originally posted by Florent ...
The TMN classic master server will be kept running. But if TMN-F runs slower, I would be interested to look after this, there is no big reason for this. We only add the option to make it run slower. The new blocks are made to be cheap, the United ones were too costly from my point of view.
10:32 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Q6. The last time we talked you suggested that in Forever ladder boosting would not be possible and gave a rough outline of ideas as to how this may be stopped. Now that we are so much closer to launch, can you tell us with any firmness what is going to be done to prevent boosting?

Originally posted by Florent ...
All servers will be limited to a certain level exept some official ones. Only two dedicated servers will be enabled to reach the top, one for Nations and one for United. To enter them, you will probably have to go through other official servers before hand so you reach the 'entry' requirements. Those official servers will be named by Nadeo or important community organisators.

Q7. There are still a few bugs lying around in TMU such as the corrupted signs, and the nearly non-functional refresh button in the Multiplayer server browser, or even the bug in the MT editor where occasionally text etc is invisible have these been addressed in the TMU-F update?

Originally posted by Florent ...
For this kind of annoying things, the better is to test during the beta and report if they are still there.

Q8. As you may have noticed there has recently been a massive discussion (read that as Huge argument) over the issue of what has become known as mix-mapping, As the creators of the game many feel you have been exceedingly quiet over this issue, Is there an official opinion on the phenomenon, do you intend to try and stop it, embrace it or just plain ignore it?

Originally posted by Florent ...
I have no answer to this at the moment. Detect it and inform the players would be a good first step anyway. But we have other things to do at the moment.

Q9. As we all know TrackMania Nations is the free cut down version of TrackMania United . How do you intend to convince those who only have the free game to upgrade to the complete version other than hoping that they like TMN enough to consider paying for TMU? Have you considered offering temporary trials of the other environments to TMN players for limited periods?

Originally posted by Florent ...
Before, United was a separate game from Nations. With your TMU keys, you will be able to play Nations with the additionnal online services that we can only deliver to a limited number of players, like official times, maniacode, coppers, maniazones and moderation. The latest being the reason why data transfer is disabled from Nations accounts. So, this time, it is a big plus to have United, not something different.

Q10.Now TMU has been out for a year it has been garnering many awards from the gaming press, such as the American Shacknews Driving game of the year, what do you have to say about it`s success?

Originally posted by Florent ...
It is easy for me to say that I think TrackMania deserves more as it is probably easy for you to think it also. But this industry looks at games like movies and very less about games as sports. Movies are great, there are many user made in TM ^_^, but I see TrackMania as the ultimate TrackMania simulator. And for this, we should have a perfect score
10:32 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Well as promised it was quite brief but there was some useful information which many of you will want to know in there which I will quickly sum up for you.

There are new blocks only for the Classic TMO environments (Desert/Alpine/Rally) and the Stadium.
From what is inferred by the way he answered the new Desert Water will be bouncy as in the TMS environments and Rally water will now be upgraded too. No more falling into space by driving into the pond.
TMN-Forever will have checkpoint respawns.
The TMN classic master server will be kept running, but may be reduced if it impacts the TMN-F master server.
If you want to get to the top of the ladder you will have to work your way up through other servers in order to be considered for entry to the Top Rank official server, which will be the only place you can become no1.
There will be two of these, one for Nations one for United.
They still haven`t made a decision over mix-maps.
Custom content will be much more restricted in TMN-F.

I feel those are the pertinent points of what was discussed in this quick follow-up and they do answer many of the questions hanging in the air since the first announcement of the TrackMania Forever project.

But before I go and leave you all to chat about this yourselves Florent would like a small word.

Originally posted by Florent Castelnerac - Director of Creation @Nadeo ...
I want to finish by telling readers how excited I am about Forever. This release will tell if TrackMania is a standard game or a desktop game played by millions with some space for enough people to express themselves, taking strength at being with others instead of loosing it. I wish big for Forever!!

Date of Interview : 18 February 2008 (via e-mail)

Interviewer : High Plains Bifta
Interviewee : Florent Castelnerac of Nadeo

Questions : The TMX Crew

References :

TMX-U : Original Nadeo Interview 25/10/07.
TMX-U : Mix-mapping discussions and Reactions Thread.
TMX-U : Images of TMU-F discussion thread.

The TM Forum : TrackMania Forever Thread.
The TM Forum : TrackMania United - Driving Game For The Year Thread.

Formatting / Art : High Plains Bifta

Writer and English grammar editing : High Plains Bifta

Editor: MrA

Note : Some answers have been edited for minor grammar correction from the original reply document. If you wish to read the interview without these here is the original reply, totally unaltered from when it was received here at TMX Towers.

Disclaimer : All information provided by Nadeo is subject to change as required but is considered correct as of the date of this interview.

10:58 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Great work with the layout again - HP.
11:00 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Great intview HP m8

I hope to see more in the future
it's cleared up a few things I was thinking about.
Even though Nadeo are so busy i'm really glad they took the time for the 10 questions
11:11 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

very nice
thx for that

euhm...since the site update i cant award anymore
11:20 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

so there'll be three communities now?

old TMN
new TMN-F (TMN-F clients and TMU on stadium only servers)

some shared userbase between the last two of course ... but looks strange.
11:22 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Depends upon how many silly people stay on Nations classic is the way I see that one.
11:25 PM 18-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

Originally posted by Weird ...
so there'll be three communities now?

old TMN
new TMN-F (TMN-F clients and TMU on stadium only servers)

As TMN-F is free, most TMN user will get TMN-F .... I think the indication from Nadeo is that TMN-F should not run slower, so there will not be sensible reasons not to move to TMN-F from TMN.

And like you say, the TMU-F players will be able to overlap with TMN-F
Last edited 19-Feb-2008 by   MrA
12:45 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Can get it in french ??
12:47 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

yes, it depends on how many "silly" people there are... heh.

i've seen LAPS guys voicing concerns with TMU stadium, they dont like respawns etc.
i've seen TECH guys voicing concerns with TMU stadium, various reasons, some more valid than others, but wheter or not their reason is valid is not really relevant either. wheter they upgrade or not is all that matterse.

just because it's a free upgrade doesn't mean everyone thinks its a good reason to upgrade. there's a saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. that could also be a factor, if people don't bother upgrading servers etc, ppl will stay where the servers they like are.

the guys on TMU who races on stadium servers will probably be those who gets the biggest benefits, more servers and players to play with. No change for those who race TMU servers and maybe old TMN guys will lose a few servers.

i will be very surprised if TMN-F network becomes bigger than old TMN network.

i guess NADEO is hoping TMN will be like the old TMO/TMS networks, a very select few who cares only to race there. i fear the opposite...
12:57 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Originally posted by cl_ment ...
Can get it in french ??

The best you'll get until someone offers to transcribe it French.
1:00 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Great Interview Bifta.

Now I have a reason to download TMN-F I suppose.
4:39 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

Thanks for this News
5:21 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

w00ty w00t even new stadium blocks
7:39 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Jay, i love snow, the new blocks will be awesome as i have NO imagination...
7:40 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

Will tm forever be an update for those who own tmu or will it have to be bought seperately ???

cheeeerrrrrrrrrrsssss Axon..
8:28 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #

Originally posted by Axon ...
Will tm forever be an update for those who own tmu or will it have to be bought seperately ???

cheeeerrrrrrrrrrsssss Axon..

It will be a free update for us TMU owners
8:57 AM 19-Feb-08 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

I don't get why people wouldn't upgrade TMN-F. If it were up to me i'd turn off the TMN master server after 1 week

I can't believe people still complain about "new stadium". Its infinitly better than TMN.
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