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[OPEN] KO10 - Platform
[OPEN] KO10 - Platform12:07 AM 25-Dec-20 : Quote : Report : #


KO10 introduces platform/trial tracks to the knockout. These maps are known to be a little harder, often with jumps and obstacles that need to be cleared in order to get to the next checkpoint. If you don't know what we're talking about, try out the Platform solo campaign in the game.

Note: because Platform is not a thing in online servers, these tracks will be played in Rounds. Make sure to validate your tracks in Race and not Platform!

When you submit a track, you may release it if it's rejected, or 1 year after it has been reviewed and accepted the last time. Check the status of your tracks in the TMX Knockout spreadsheet.


Parts with distinct obstacles to clear, such as jumps, holes or balancing
Challenging but fair; should be finishable for most players. Aim for Nadeo B-D campaign difficulty
A good time should be between 40 and 60 seconds.
Copper price of 5000 or less
Include the tag KO10 in the track name. Example: KO10 - Stepping toes

What is allowed

All moods (day, sunset, night, sunrise)
Blockmixing (to a certain degree)
Default signs and signs from the official TMX sign packs
Custom signs can be used for decorative purposes only
Don't be afraid to build tricky spots that need you to slow down a lot

What is not allowed

Multilap tracks
Tracks requiring TMUnlimiter to play
Custom music and texture mods
Flickering textures, visual artefacts (such as black holes / voids), checkpoints mixed into each other and otherwise ugly blockmixing
PF sections, as they may break for analog devices
Obscene, sexual, or offensive content
Tracks which have been previously uploaded on TMX or otherwise have been publicly known


Keep the route intuitive and clear. Remember that there is only one warmup and one live round on each map.
Be considerate with checkpoints. Try to keep them no further than 15 seconds apart from a standing respawn. A respawn should not cost too much time.
Try to keep the difficulty among the checkpoints roughly the same.
Avoid using luck-based and random parts.
Value quality over quantity.
Pay attention to shortcuts.
Add some light scenery to the track if scenery is lacking.
Let the path be well lit if you choose sunset or night.
You may include demos (GPSes) at checkpoints, but this is not required.
Any intro should be no longer than 10 seconds and keep playing should be toggled off.

Submitting a track

Upload your track to the Beta Area and hide it once uploaded. Then, post a link to it in the track submission megathread.

When we have received the track, it will appear in the TMX Knockout spreadsheet with one of the following statuses:

To be tested - The track has been submitted or fixed recently and needs to be tested.
Accepted - The track is verified for the knockout.
Need modification - The track has some issues that should be resolved. Please update the track and give us a heads up in this thread when it has been updated.
Rejected - The track is found to be not suitable for the knockout, or it has been withdrawn by the author, and will not be used. You are free to unhide and release the track if you want.

We may decide to reject a track for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, a comment explaining why is given.

Any questions? Post them in this thread or ask in the TMX Discord server. If you need an explanation to a comment given on your track, ask the one who tested it.

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Moped Racer

gonna upload some maps soon pog
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