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Coppers Competitions
9:14 AM 18-Aug-15 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Technique by   Darki

Deadline: 2nd of September. I'm on vacation for 10 days till that day
1st - 1000C
2nd - 500C
3rd - 300C
4th - 200C
5-10th - 100C
Extra 100C for every time under 50s being in top10 on the deadline. Extra 500C for every time under 46s.
I don't even know if times under 46 are possible

Sorry for stealing your layout, rad

I will pm you to get your login, when the competition is over.
Good luck everyone!
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6:50 PM 22-Aug-15 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Smack Down by   rad

Deadline: 29.08.2015 23:59 CET:
1st - 1000C
2nd - 500C
3rd - 300C
4th - 200C
5-10th - 100C
Extra 100C for every time under 50s being in top10 on the deadline. Extra 500C for every time under 45. Should be much easier than previous ones.

0:43.40 Aurzuuu - sent
0:43.60 Red Shreder - sent
0:43.95 spedzo - sent
0:44.08 eXtreme34 - sent
0:44.52 apee - sent
0:44.66 Voety - sent
0:44.69 -Chaos- - sent
0:44.82 STORM|Runner - sent
0:44.86 Jonas LTU - sent
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3:39 PM 23-Aug-15 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

"Possible jumps =P by   Ors"
Be the first one to beat this map and get 1000 cc =D
1:42 PM 25-Aug-15 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Série 11 Platform - Snow B-1 by   Toyeca

The first one who discovers Veela and goes on the Hide&Seek place just after receives 1000 coppers.
I don't even know if we can go on this H&S place nearly managed to do it but you'll have to have the best speed in order neither to be too slow nor crashing on the slope ahead
10:26 PM 28-Aug-15 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Geomancy by   rad

Deadline: 05.09.2015 23:59 CET:
1st - 1000C
2nd - 500C
3rd - 300C
4th - 200C
5-10th - 100C
Extra 100C for every time under 55s being in top10 on the deadline. Extra 500C for every time under 46,50.

spedzo - sent
shock! - sent
berrymaster - sent
-Chaos- - sent
Jonas LTU - sent
kastun - sent
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2:59 PM 29-Aug-15 : Quote : Report : #

Win the Jackpot! 6 by   Mr.DvD

1. Place Trackmania² Stadium Key = Aurzuuu
2. Place 2000 Coppers = rpee89
3. Place 1000 Coppers = shock !

Deadline: Finished !

Have Fun
Last edited 12-Sep-2015 by   Mr.DvD
11:02 PM 04-Sep-15 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Big Coppers Competition
It's time for some bigger competition with 9 tracks included, 3 for each tmo envi. They're all techy tracks originally made for USC competition.
As for the results, on the deadline I'll sum up times from all maps each of you have driven and the winner will be the one with the shortest time. You can still get the reward if you don't finish all maps, but then of course you will be placed lower than people who finished more maps. You also will have to be in top10 so I can see your time and count it. Ok, here's an example of counting the results:
Let's assume Player 1 finished 9 maps and had a time of 8:00.00. Player 2 finished 8 maps and had a time of 7:59.50. Player 3 finished 9 maps and had a time of 7:55.00. In this case, Player 3 is the winner, followed by Player 1 and then Player 2, because Player 2 finished less maps than other players.
Now, the rewards:
1st - 5000C
2nd - 3000C
3rd - 2000C
4th - 1500C
5th - 1000C
6th - 800C
7th - 600C
8th - 500C
9th - 400C
10th - 300C
11-20th - 200C
21-50th - 100C
You will also get 200C bonus for every beaten AT and 100C for every beaten gold medal (so in fact you get 300C for beating one AT, since there are 9 tracks, you can get 2700C that way).

Example: player who holds 6th position overall, beaten 3 ATs and 4 gold medal gets: 800C + 3x300C +4x100C = 800C +900C + 400C = 2100C

Now the maps:

"BCC1 - Land's Wrath"
"BCC1 - Mud Sport"
"BCC1 - Stealth Rock"

"BCC1 - Grass Whistle"
"BCC1 - Ingrain"
"BCC1 - Power Whip"

"BCC1 - Icicle Crash"
"BCC1 - Icy Wind"
"BCC1 - Mist"

Or here you can download the whole mappack:

Deadline: 03.10.2015 23.59 CET

Have fun


Congratulations for the winner, top3 and everyone!
I'll be sending coppers/login requests soon. In case something's wrong with results, tell me!
Also I noticed that this reward system is not so good as I can't count times that are out of top10, therefore some people can fall down a lot if they just didn't like one of the maps much :/ Also maps being different in length affects results for people that didn't have 9 top10s.
Well, I'll think of something better for the next time if there is one
Thanks for participating everyone and sorry to the ones that were kicked out of any top10s
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3:19 PM 14-Sep-15 : Quote : Report : #

Win the Jackpot! 7 by   Mr.DvD

The Next Win the Jackpot

Contest for all Friend and Fans


The Best Time Wins

1. Place Trackmania² Stadium Key = riolu!
2. Place 2000 Coppers = Aurzuuu
3. Place 1000 Coppers = shock !


Have Fun

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12:35 PM 19-Sep-15 : Quote : Report : #

Tacarigua' by   ketrab

Track is located in small archipelago.
Take pleasure from scenery, MT and music and break WR.

Coppers competition here:

1st place: 3000 cc / 1500 planets
2nd place: 2000 cc / 1000 planets
3rd place: 1500 cc / 750 planets
4th place: 1000 cc / 500 planets
5th place: 500 cc / 250 planets
Deadline: 1st October 2015 20:00 CET

*instead of coppers you can win planets, if you want to exchange prize:
2 coppers = 1 planet
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11:12 AM 04-Oct-15 : Quote : Report : #

Win the Jackpot! 8 by   Mr.DvD

1st - WAB
2nd - apee
3rd - spedzo

Deadline - FINISHED

Have Fun

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7:09 PM 14-Oct-15 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

TO - Coppers competition

For my favourite anime character's birthday, I will organize coppers competitions on 7 maps this week.
Deadlines: from the 28th of october till the 3rd of november, depending on the map!

On each map, you can win:
1 1000cc
2 500cc
3 300cc
4 200cc

Map 1:
TO - By Your Side by

Map 2:
"TO - Something Warm"

Map 3:
"TO - Love You Even More"

Map 4:
"TO - Time And Titles"

Map 5:
"TO - You're My Goal"

Map 6:
"TO - The World Is Beautiful"

Map 7:
"TO - Eternal Feelings"
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Competetion: The night shot1:20 PM 18-Oct-15 : Quote : Report : #

Competetion - (the first wave)
8 first uploaded replays wins 500cp.
Prize will receive all the first 8 uploaded records (the time of records is not important)
Rules: 1) Uplad your time 2) Write comment with your TMuF login where i can send 500 coppers here

The Night Shot by   OLDA_X

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7:23 PM 24-Oct-15 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Be the first one to finish the map and win 1000cc!
"1000cc for finish by   Ors"
Edit: Edge found the way already. No prizes left
Last edited 25-Oct-2015 by   Ors
1:25 AM 28-Oct-15 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Dodgy Dolt by   Zyre

1.Place - 3000 Coppers.
2.Place - 2000 Coppers.
3.Place - 1000 Coppers
4-10.Place - 300 Coppers.


Last edited 16-Nov-2015 by   Zyre
8:11 PM 06-Jan-16 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

250C per puzzle 1 to 10 (except the Puzzle 5 lol)
Only the first player rewarded (even with same time)
Rules: no blockmixing (even if I can't check because replays will be locked, this is pure fun, don't forget it), forced to beat my author time
Deadline: sunday 10th january 23:59 CET
After the end of the coopers compo, I will appoint the winner on the trackpage of Puzzle 10. After, just pm me your login.
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5:46 PM 17-Jan-16 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Twenty-four - I wish no more by   rad

Deadline: 01.02.2015 23:59 CET:
1st - 1000C
2nd - 500C
3rd - 300C
4th - 200C
5-10th - 100C
Extra 100C for every time under 65s being in top10 on the deadline. Extra 500C for every time better than AT which is 59.67.

3:00 PM 18-Jan-16 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Forced to reach at least 40.x
Extra: 500c for all 40.x (except top 3 obviously)
Deadline: Sunday 24th January at 23:59 CET
First Flakes by   Sparco
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9:16 PM 19-Jan-16 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Hey all coasters ... Here is a challenge .. an expreme challenge. So take ur joysticks and play it

Coast Grass Slide Beug by   Teroor

Slide beug on coast

1st 7000
2nd 2000
3rd 1000

Deadline 30/01/2016
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2:55 PM 30-Jan-16 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Forced to beat at least 1:00.31 (my pb and GPS time)
Extra: 250c for all times under 1:00.31 (except top 3 obviously)
Deadline: Sartuday 6th February at 23:59 CET
Green Islands by   Sparco
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11:32 AM 05-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Only the best time under 6:39.99 at the deadline will win 4000C
Short cuts allowed
Deadline: Friday 15th February at 23:59 CET (10 days)
CMC - Goodbye CMC by   Sparco
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