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Coppers Competitions
Coppers Competitions7:59 PM 08-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

Here is the thread where you can post a link to your track and offer coppers prizes for the fastest times or other contest-oriented structures.

Thread Rules
o Post a link to your track
o Write alittle about it to entice people to play
o Set a deadline for when replays need to be uploaded (or other tasks need to be completed)
o State the coppers prizes on offer (must be at least 500 coppers in prizes)

Optional Details
o Beat the Authortime - offer additional coppers to be split between all who beat the authortime. Or, simply make it a requirement to beat the authortime to be entitled to win any coppers at all.
o Combined Results - offer additional coppers for the best combined time on several (usually max three) tracks. As TMX only shows the top 10 replays, however, making it to the top 10 on all included tracks might have to be a requirement.
o Forbid Shortcuts - if you don't do so from the start, it may be too late to reject any such replays later.

Please note that this thread relates to all "smaller" contests on personal tracks - fastest times, finding hidden areas, etc. - in order to keep the forums nice and clean

This will be a one stop place for people interested in winning coppers by racing or in other ways competing on tracks
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8:12 PM 08-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

I'm going to go first, so to show the way....

Mighty Tight [BayTECH] by   MrA

Here is a 30 second, mildly technical bay track, its all pretty close to the ground stuff and there is rather sweet jump over the corner of a building.

Coppers Prizes
1st) 1000
2nd) 500
3rd) 250

Deadline: 15th of December, 20:00 UK Time

Final Places
Marius 89

Coppers have now been sent!
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  Harmony~Brothers & MrA
9:32 PM 08-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Split Decision by   Harmony~Brothers & MrA

New duo (trio) map from the HArmony~Brothers and MrA!

Competition: New Prizes!
Positions final as of 23:59 BST (CET-1) 16th December
Copper Prizes:
1st Place: 3000
2nd Place: 1500
3rd Place: 750
4th Place: 250
5th Place: 100
Go burn some rubber, curse the 3 of us and win some coppers

Final Places
0:54.89 Zooz
0:54.98 Marius 89
0:55.37 °gOd°
0:55.74 OzQ18 0
0:56.18 gman'w4

Coppers have been sent to those who won them
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Blind << Competition4:14 AM 16-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Here's my track competion...
Blind << by   prince10bee

This is a 45s fast-pased full speed bay track, lots of nice twists and turns with some nice jumps too.

Coppers Prizes I liked MrA's setup so much I had to use it
1st) 1000
2nd) 500
3rd) 250

Deadline: Saturday, December 22, 2007, 8:00 PM Eastern Time - All currenly posted replays are eligible to win

(Iquere nor myself are eligible to win (that would be wrong))

Final Places
CubicReg 1000 (coppers)
-homie- 500
Murdock 250
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  KEV Fan
KEV Fan Copper Contest - 5000 Coppers Jackpot4:03 PM 21-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #

Sunriser by   KEV Fan

Those are the results of the competition:
1st: 2000 coppers Marius89
2nd: s8ndm8n- he gave his 1000 coppers to Larry*C for the great battle
3rd: 750 coppers Larry*C +1000 coppers from s8ndm8n = 1750 coppers
4th: 500 coppers Maphios
5th: 250 coppers Brummhummel
6th: 150 coppers KEV Fan
7th: 100 coppers Axon
8th: 100 coppers HAVOC
9th: 75 coppers MaB
10th: 75 coppers Ville

-Deadline for posting a time will be January 1st 2008 - 10pm Central European Time - I´ll make a screenshot of the posted times then.
-No cuts are allowed - i think the map is cut free - I´ll watch all replays - those who found a cut and used it won´t be taken into account for getting a prize.
- I am allowed to take part - if I manage to get one of those 10 ranks I´ll save the coppers for the rank I make (Don´t be afraid - this mapping style is not the one I´m good at racing - so I probably won´t be able to make the podest )

I advise to poker a bit - do not upload your best time from the very beginning - it´s like bidding on ebay - best times to be uploaded towards the end of the contest - that´s why I picked up some flowers while making author time

Map data:
Coppers: 5.640
Intro: Short but sunny
MT: necessary only
Outro: Yes
Music: Yeah - if you wanna join the copper club make at least No.10 bite the dust
Mod: no - not this time
Style: Original sunrise style - maximum yellow boosters - for better competition
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4000 in coppers up for grabs here!4:42 PM 22-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

Hey all, here is my 2nd duo track, this time with Cab!

Visual Metrics by   MrA.Cab

We decided to make a competition for this one, here are the details...


1st 1500
2nd 1000
3rd 750
4th 500
5th 250

Overall prize fund is provided by MrA & Cab and is a total of 4000 coppers!

Good luck folks and we hope above all you enjoy to drive the track!

Deadline: 2nd Jan 2008 - 20:00 UK Time

1st 0:52.60 Roa
2nd 0:53.88 Marius 89
3rd 0:54.32 tmjonas
4th 0:56.05 TYZZ

Coppers paid 8th Jan!

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9:47 PM 10-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

Watch it crash by   p-devil

There was something wrong with this map:
I still got the record on it.

Coppers have been won:

1: 2Fast4U~ToyoT (1500 coppers)
2: 13ORGus (1000 coppers)
3: Marius 89 (750 coppers)
4: =NF=Skyline (500 coppers)
5: smok3y (250 coppers)

First to be below 43 seconds: Marius 89 500 coppers extra

Congratulations and please tell me your TMU logins.
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11:28 AM 17-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer


That's the second track I post on TMX, it's a speed-tech track.

Deadline: 24th January 12.00am GMT +01.00

1st: 1000 coppers
2nd: 500 coppers
3rd: 250 coppers

First to beat the Author Time: 1000 coppers extra.

Have fun all & good luck

Final places:
1st: MáSler - 1000 coppers
2nd: Logi.C - 500 coppers
3rd: Marius 89 - 250 coppers

First to beat the AT: Marius 89 - 1000 coppers extra

EDIT from MrA: I have to object to the track name and have asked if the author might change it via PM. I reserve the right to remove the track if the author chooses not to comply.

EDIT: I receive your PM MrA, I've not time to change the name immediately, so I hide the track, it will be online with a new name certainly this evening

EDIT 2: Track updated...
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2:27 PM 20-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Relay by   Jozii

Fast Rally with great off-road sections and transitions. Plenty of room for time improvements!

Coppers Prizes

1st) 2000
2nd) 1000
3rd) 500

Deadline: Sunday, 27th of January 2008

Good luck
11:09 AM 22-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #

This is a 3 track competition for coppers
Mega Dome I by   Mikey

"Mega Dome II by   Mikey"
"Mega Dome III by   Mikey"

Competition Complete ! Well done everyone.

The winners are for the combined best time for all three tracks ;

1st place : 2:44.84 - 2000 coppers : 2Fast4U~ToyoT
2nd place : 2:45.34 - 1000 coppers : X-Ray
3rd place : 2:45.60 - 500 coppers : DrGrip

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10500cc Competition!!!2:13 PM 22-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #

okeyyy now lets get marius and some other crazy drivers back for setting some devlish times here *hehe*...

this competition refers to my mini-track-pack . You can race only one track for getting coppers or all to earn more coppers

Coppers for:

-14.19- by   CraxX

(prizes are a bit higher cuz some really crazy drivers already uploaded their incredible good times )

1st place -- 1500cc

2nd place -- 1250cc

3rd place -- 1000cc

4th place -- 500cc

5th place -- 250cc

Coppers for:

-14.77- by   CraxX

1st place -- 1250 cc

2nd place -- 1000 cc

3rd place -- 500 cc

4th place -- 250 cc

Coppers for:

-15.20- by   CraxX

1st place -- 1250 cc

2nd place -- 1000 cc

3rd place -- 500 cc

4th place -- 250 cc

--Deadline: 31. Jan. 22:00 GMT

and now good luck and let me see some bloody crazy time

cheers CraxX
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5:42 PM 22-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #

Bloodstains by   CMC|Taylor

For taking the prizes you have to beat the authortime (45.33 )

1st - 1500 coppers
2nd - 500 coppers
3rd - 250 coppers

Deadline for uploading replays is 31 Jan. '08

Winner - 1500 cc: Cubicreg - 44.55
2nd - 500cc: X-Ray: 44.58
3rd - 250cc: Koroner: 44.76
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7:56 AM 23-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Castellé by   Jas0n

Ok here is my competition.

1st - 1500 coppers
2nd - 1000 coppers
3rd - 500 coppers

Overall: 3000 coppers

The Deadline for uploading and awarding my tracks is in two weeks the 06.02.2007

So have fun with this

There are only 10h left, so come on racing. Here are the actual Standings

This is also the final standing:

#1: 1:18.84 Aero + 0:00.00
#2: 1:19.80 [TIF] Pio + 0:00.96
#3: 1:20.94 rad + 0:02.10
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8:59 AM 23-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Sunspeed by   fastforza

This Time You are guranteed The Coppers, I ran out last time.
1st- 1500Cc
2nd- 1000Cc
3rd- 500Cc
Total 3000Cc

Start Uploading on 23rd of Jan

Deadline 29th of Jan
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1:08 PM 25-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

One Hellish Island Track by   MrA

1st: 500 Coppers
2nd: 250 Coppers
3rd: 150 Coppers
4th: 100 Coppers

Total Fund: 1000 Coppers!

Deadline: 3rd Feb: 20:00 UK Time

Final Places
1:17.76 CubicReg
1:19.55 maphios
1:24.83 rad
1:25.99 [TIF] Dani1995

Coppers Paid!
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°~!!!!!!!!!!10000-Coppers-COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!~°7:23 PM 25-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Can't Stop by   Varsity

A simple but challenging Desert track! Easy to drive but hard to master!

Deadline: Sunday 09/02/08 22:00!
All replays placed after the 9th of February will NOT count!
No cuts are allowed, if there are any anyway...
1st~> 4000C -> Oxyde
2nd~> 2000C -> KaBoOm
3rd~> 1500C -> X-ray (need login)
4th~> 1000C -> Marius 89
5th~> 500C -> Roa
6th~> 300C -> CubicReg
7th~> 200C -> Arkone
8th~> 200C -> ¤SFO¤Lookid
9th~> 150C -> [LoRd]Keyser
10th~> 150C -> Aero (need login)
Last edited 12-Feb-2008 by   Varsity
Morning Rush Copper Competition9:51 PM 25-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Here is my next track competiton:

Morning Rush by   prince10bee

About 1 minute long, fast (liitle techy) bay track. Lots of loops & turns and a cool ending.

Coppers Prizes
1st) 1000
2nd) 500
3rd) 250

Deadline: Friday, Febuary 1, 2008 8:00 PM Eastern Time

Congratulations to the follwing winners of the Morning Rush Copper Competion!:
rycardoo 1000 (coppers)
rad 500
Thanks to all who participated
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Track: Race4theGlory6:00 PM 26-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

I organise my first Copper Competition
Race4theGlory by   sebik1992

It's the speedway, so prizes can't be too large. If any1 liked this track can award it. If times of few players will be erqual then them total prize will be divided (for example double 2nd (2nd & 3rd prize) gets total 250cc - 125cc per player).
1st) [LoRd]Keyser - 500cc (coppers sended)
2nd) 2Fast4U~ToyoT - 200cc (coppers sended)
3rd) Sk84funPrzemo - 50cc (waiting 4 PM)
Total: 750 coppers

I'm waiting on ur crazy times to 01.02.08
On logins of winners on PM I'm waiting to 05.02.08 (later prize for player wil be lost)
Last edited 01-Feb-2008 by   sebik1992
6:30 PM 28-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Eurostar by   Jozii

Island mania! Fast, stunty, and with great possibilities for time improvement!

Coppers Prizes

1st) 2000
2nd) 1000
3rd) 500

Deadline: Monday, 4th of February 2008 (+ up to 24 hours)

Good luck
TrickAthlon12:39 AM 29-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

A tricky triathlon competition for 3000 coppers total.
TrickAthlon I by   Qbert

3 best total times (on all 3 tracks) will get coppers. (Only top 10 replays on each track counts.)
= 3000 coppers to compete for.

Competition ends @ 21:00 CET - 10:th feb. I will upload times but not competing for coppers.
"TrickAthlon I" Youtube Video
"TrickAthlon II" Youtube Video
"TrickAthlon III" Youtube Video

All 3 tracks, trackpack

The tracks can be really hard if your not used to these kind of tracks, gl and hope some will upload times.

Competition is over!

1 Qbert 1:06:13 - 0
2 [Lord]Keyser 1:06:21 - 1800
3 2Fast4U~ToyoT 1:06:47 - 900
4 0reg0n 1:07:34 - 300
5 P-devil 1:11:58 - 0

Only 5 players submitted times on all 3 tracks. Congrats and I'll pm top 3 with a question about your tmu logins. See you around and thanks for your replays!
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