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United MTC - February 2020: Tutorial Mode
United MTC - February 2020: Tutorial Mode9:13 PM 02-Feb-20 : Quote : Report : #

Welcome to the TMX Monthly Track Contest (MTC), February 2020!

In the MTC, you must build a track on a given theme. All of the entered tracks will be rated by judges and a winner will be found.

The Details:
Let's have a look at the details of the contest:

Theme of the Month: Tutorial Mode
Build a track which features one main concept and gets progressively more difficult the further you get into it.

Deadline: February 29th, 2020.

The winner will be able to pick a track to showcase on the front page* + 2000 coppers
Two randomly selected authors will receive 500 coppers

*The track can be a self-made creation or the work of someone else (which has got a maximum of 10 awards already).

The rules:
Build a race or platform track that acts as a tutorial for some concept or game mechanic - for example, freewheeling, grasssliding, wallrides, or flips.
Try looking at campaign tracks or other tutorials from various games to see how you should build the track.
The track doesn't need to have actual tutorial elements (like text or other guidance) - as long as you feel like it can teach a player to be better at the mechanic you picked, you're good.
The author time shouldn't exceed 90 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds).
Blockmixing is allowed.
TM Unlimiter requirement is not allowed.
PX tracks are not allowed.
You may submit one track only.
Include the letter combination MTC somewhere in the track name so it can be easily identified.

General tips:
The "General tips" are just recommendations. You won't get disqualified if you do not follow them, but they tend to help your track and its appreciation by general player population.

Remember that you have got about four weeks to build your track. Take some time for testing, or let others test your track in the Beta Area.
Don't forget to check your track for unintentional shortcuts.
A MediaTracker GPS showing the route does not relieve you of your moral obligation to provide guidance during the race (signs or other visual hints on where to go).
Always provide your track on TMX with a screenshot that shows something from the track, and add a description of what can people expect if they play your track.
You will get more points in the "theme" category if your map is as creative and fun as possible.
Important: To enter a track, simply upload it and post your submission in this thread.

If you want to judge:
copy the list that will be posted after the deadline passes
write your scores (single score from 0 to 10) next to the track names with a short explanation, if possible. If you submitted a track to this MTC, you can still judge, but you can't vote on your own track.
send me your scores (on TMX:   nod32»UD)
odd or otherwise suspicious judging (like voting every track a 10 and one a 0) will not be counted

The voting will end on Sunday, March 8th if I get at least 4 votes by that date; if not, the judging will end 24 hours after I receive the 4th vote (I'll keep the status updated).

Good luck and have fun.

We hope many people participate!

If you want to make a donation towards future prize pools, please send coppers to the login: radpl
11:31 PM 02-Feb-20 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

So... how do I rate my track difficulty?
10:52 PM 03-Feb-20 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

you guys rly dont like stunt arent you, why not put stunt mode in, would be perfect for teaching you noobs how to stunt.
12:17 AM 04-Feb-20 : Quote : Report : #

stunt will get its share sooner or later
7:46 AM 07-Feb-20 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Pretty interesting theme
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