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Freestyle Cup 2019! (October Results on Page 2!)
11:55 PM 31-Oct-19 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

Submissions for FC October are now closed! Now, onto the next map...

November's map will be on desert. This map is more "oldschool" which means there are less slides and combo spots featured. Maps like these are made for a greater number of smaller tricks. As always, do your best to innovate a find some areas for big combos too. The map is...

Bob l'éponge by   Yo_men

CP version: "Bob l'éponge [CP] by   Yo_men"

Thankfully the locator to this annoying mod isn't working Anyway, have fun!

The deadline to submit your replay will be November 29, 2019.
2:43 PM 02-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

desert stunt is definitely a tougher challenge for me, but i'll try to get a good run here as well!

and thank god the locators for that mod don't work anymore lmao
7:34 AM 04-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

A small note: There are very few finishes on this map. Make sure you know where they are before you plan your run!
6:36 PM 04-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

Here are the official results of the Freestyle Cup October 2019!

13 riders this month

Voyager006 - 301
NitroGuy - 283
Marius89 - 252
DMW - 239
Lars - 234
blackq - 233
Mizu - 218
frozenkhaos - 200
banjee - 196
EDGE - 187
Zari - 176
ah2190 - 143
MEFjihr - 43

Congratulations, Voyager, your run will be made into a "Ze Run" video! Now start practicing your runs for November.

Thank you to Stringers for judging!

Link to all replays

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  K/DA Zari
11:26 PM 04-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Phew, I'm not last. Reached my goal.
9:09 PM 05-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Congratz everyone,
Deserved win by Voyager, that was very smooth, I loved some of the tricks and the approach you made, no empty moments, some risk, good flow... GG
11:46 PM 06-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #

Yooo that's sick, and so cool that so many participated And thanks for the quick judging!

But yeah, would be even better if I didn't throw the grind towards the end

Anyway, here is a collection of my runs in case anyone is interested. Most of these were for practicing purposes though
Last edited 06-Nov-2019 by   Voyager006
5:03 PM 08-Nov-19 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

After watching the replays I have to say i am surprised to find myself this low in the rankings, I do agree on Voyager and Nitroguy for their points, they were imo the much better replays, but it was written many time that smoothness was key and i deliver a run that is exactly that, i put all my focus on searching tricks that looked smooth, a lot of participants ranking over me had some of crash or nothing of value being added, some scoring have been surprising to me, really it unmotivated me for the desert map since I obviously didnt understand the reasoning for example Lars overscoring me a ton

and for judge two, it really does seem he copy paste nitroguys ranking and remove 1 added 1 on some scores, I really cant see how two individual can match so closely on all judgement of replays

edit:; i volunteer as a judge for november
Last edited 09-Nov-2019 by   Mizu
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