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Extreme MiniTrack Contest [ENDED - RESULTS AVAILABLE!]
Extreme MiniTrack Contest [ENDED - RESULTS AVAILABLE!]4:34 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!


Status of this contest:

o Objective: Build a track of 15 seconds or less.
o Current activity: Tracks are accepted – submit your own by linking to it in this thread!
o Deadline: Saturday, 10th of November 2007

It’s been quite some time since I hosted a contest here at TMX, especially since I quit as the host of the TMX Monthly Track Contest. But now I’m back, this time with a track building contest with a twist.

The idea for this contest has its origins in the head of Alcator, who presented the idea at the TMU Blog. Basically, the rules of this contest are similar to any track building contest you might find out there and if you’ve played the MTC you’ll see plenty of resemblances – you build, the entered tracks are judged, winners are selected.

So what’s the twist? Well, each track must be no longer than 15 seconds! That’s damn short.

Also note that the TMU Blog carries some extra weight in this contest as the best tracks will be reviewed there (see “Judging” (point 3) and “Winners & Prizes” below).

The details:

o To enter a track, simply upload it to TMX and link to the track in this thread.
o You may enter max two tracks.
o No track may be longer than 15 seconds. Author times of 0:15.xx may be accepted, but 0:16.00 is too much.

It’s as simple as that. Due to the short length, however, it’s quite important that you feature something special in your track, something that makes it worth playing despite the short time you’ll spend driving. This is an aspect also considered when judging the tracks (see below) so make sure you don’t neglect it.


The contest is split onto four groups:

o Original – Desert, Rally & Alpine
o Sunrise – Island, Bay & Coast
o Nations – Stadium
o Overall – All

Each group is judged and treated individually, except for “Overall”, which is a combination of the other three. There will be a winner in each grooup as well as 2-4 runner-ups.


The judging process of the submitted tracks will happen a bit differently than in the average contest. The following applies to each separate group:

1. Scanning process – All tracks in each group are sorted through by me, Jozii, and the less good ones are removed immediately. The aim is to limit the number of tracks.

2. Actual judging – The tracks making it this far will go through a more detailed process where they’ll be judged on several main aspects, still in each group individually. These aspects include:

- Design (overall execution of the track)
- Originality (original and innovative features of the track)
- Entertainment (how fun the track is to play
- Look (scenery, MT, etc.)


The judging at this stage is done by Buchi, TimeBreaker and myself.

3. Reviewing – The three winning tracks are then to be reviewed at the TMU Blog, for a selection of the final overall winner.

The reviews are carried out in traditional TMU Blog fashion where they are rated (0-100%) on a number of sub-categories. They’ll also be given a Final Rating, which will determine their final standing compared to their opponents.

The order of which the tracks are reviewed is random, and there will never be more than one track reviewed/day. That way it will be interesting to see whether yet-to-be-reviewed tracks gain a higher rating than the previous reviewed tracks and excitement will thus be maintained until the very last review has been published.

Reviews are published at the TMU Blog, but final ratings are of course to be posted in this thread as well. The ratings in this stage are given by myself only.

Winners & Prizes:

o The top 3 to 5 tracks in each group receive 250 coppers each
o The winner of each group receives 750 additional coppers (1000 total)
o The winner of the entire contest receives 2000 additional coppers (3000 total)

In total up to 8250 coppers, sponsored by the TMU Blog, may be handed out.

Only thing left is to wish you good luck with your track building. Have fun
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6:23 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Tracks & Authors: 100 tracks

GROUP ORIGINAL (Desert, Rally & Alpine) - 25 tracks

"Gin Guzzlin' Frenzy by   pjw"
"~Banzai~ by   Tuta"
[bad track link]
"Are you skilled enough ? by   [CMC]roaSone"
"Mini-Desert-Fun by   DaKKoN"
"Cool or fool by   Dr.Eile"
"Shorty's by   Squirrel"
"Succinct by   tmjonas"
"Extremely cold by   Malena"
"Bumpy mine 2 by   Robert1"
[bad track link]
"Dani 45 - Multitrack I by   GrandMaster-D"
"Dani 45 - Multitrack II by   GrandMaster-D"
"Below Zero by   Cephid"
"Pit Stop by   loco"
"bikkja by   hippie"
"Dam City by   PimK"
"unlucky13 by   Ricardo Rix"
"(CR-03) Rushmore by   STJrInuyasha"
"aLL inClus!vE by   DonAlfonso"
"Micro Valley by   Eagle"
"Dissizno Teutraq by   Tutur"
"Demonium by   eT DeaTh"
"Beauty Desert by   Marius 89"
"LittleRock by   The_KILLER+XTL Textiles"

GROUP SUNRISE (Island, Bay & Coast) - 35 tracks

"J-Extreme MrA 1 by   MrA"
"MicroSpeed by   Sivert"
"Apsulution by   Mr.Brow"
""Yeah, Right!" by   Plus9dB996"
"Jacob's Ladder by   Plus9dB996"
"Lu-Ping by   Gum Jabbar"
"ghuurrkh by   hippie"
"Track Angels II XSTC by   Useless"
"Moths by   Useless"
"Training Day by   xtaz"
"QuinCunx4000-15sec by   luckybstrd"
[bad track link]
"Red Booster Mini Cup by   Hubby"
"Hornet Attack! by   Vincent"
"Yacht Hopper by   EtherForce"
"Extreme Silliness by   crooms"
"Short As Hell! by   Disco_Stu"
"The ULTIMATE Drift by   BL_Sonny"
"Yiaros by   no1nose"
"FantasyFull - EMTC by   xcsNewModder"
[bad track link]
"Dust by   XCS MappYnG"
"Project 15 by   prince10bee"

"Blue Eagle [Old] by   DidyZ"
"Death Spiral by   pjw"
"FollowTheSun by   -Homie-"
"Top of the World by   ben_101"
"Modern District by   PimK"
"Single Shot by   Xpowaspa"
"Roll Around by   DaKKoN"
"Quickie In The Car by   Alcator"
"Steel Smokin by   mdstryker"
"The small Thing by   FT'Justicool"
"Short Hover by   roph"
"A Quick Escape - 4000° Kelvin by   Rafracer"

GROUP NATIONS (Stadium) - 40 tracks

"Quickster by   VengenceBot"
[bad track link]
[bad track link]
"Lighthouse by   MX-II"
"Cheers by   Trojaner"
"Pass-Teck by   cl_ment"
"Infatal Mini by   Santri"
"Lightbulb Moment by   scala"
"Little Blue Planet by   KAKASHI"
[bad track link]
[bad track link]
"The 15 Second Mile by   Jonkster"
"BlackOut by   O mit_B"
"Twelfth Planet by   O mit_B"
"-14.19- by   CraxX"
"Tight Blast by   CMC|Taylor"
[bad track link]
[bad track link]
[bad track link]
"Perfect Strike by   Siem»LT"
"Super Short Shorts by   Harmony~Bros"
"Out of Time by   Harmony~Bros"
"White Justice by   WaKluk"
"Hmm... by   WaKluk"
"(TMU) Sivert's Birthday Delivery by   broadsword"
[bad track link]
"Spinning Sand by   Toyotires (inactive)"
"Narrow Passage by   Hubby"
"Alien by   eT DeaTh"

"-Slower-(15sec) by   Etidu"
"LateNightSession (race) by   Djoszee"
"Remix v1.1 by   Bare"
"Mini Dirt - Eye by   Alcator"
"Trick or Treat by   ICEMD"
"A Small Hope by   Tonic"
"GripFlip by   Djoszee"
"FlyToTheSky by   NitroGuy!»UD"
"Turning Point by   Marius 89"
"StillAlive by   Sd. tibo05"
"Promise... by   CraxX"
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6:45 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #

You're back!
7:54 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

Can't wait to build a track for this!
8:14 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

This might be interserstin cuz i like mini tracks

Mybe i will made 2 tracks for this contest
Good luck everybody and u Jozii welcome back !!!
9:59 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Ill try it out..

"Quickster by   VengenceBot"

and there my friends I hope is original...
Last edited 28-Oct-2007 by   VengenceBot
11:09 PM 28-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
I'm fluffy.

12:01 AM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

real nice idea here is my first track for this.. Hope u will be crazy!
[bad track link]
Have fun mates..
4:55 AM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

was working all night on an extremmini.. now it's ok.. have fun!!
[bad track link]
- updated the 30.09 at 3.30 am cause of a f*** cut - thx to understand..
Last edited 30-Oct-2007 by   fish_UT
6:40 AM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Great, I hope to see many interesting tracks for this one
7:05 AM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

You know me, i can neva stay away from yr competitions.

Ill see what I can rustle up. under 15s is gonna be a hard target though...
11:11 AM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Ok, I finished a track Just gotta spice it up with mt and do a screenie
12:27 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

I have dabbled...

"J-Extreme MrA 1 by   MrA"

Author Time: 15:xx (which I think is inside the rules).

Last edited 29-Oct-2007 by   MrA
12:57 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Uhh, MrA himself joins in
4:43 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

I have one - Small is Tremendous by Scrooge
4:52 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Originally posted by Scrooge ...
I have one - Small is Tremendous by Scrooge

Please link to the track as well
8:21 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Here's my track:
MicroSpeed by   Sivert
Last edited 01-Nov-2007 by   Sivert
9:24 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

And here is my little track for the contest:
Lighthouse by   MX-II
Last edited 30-Oct-2007 by   MX-II
  Marius 89
9:33 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #
TMX Supporter

@ Jozii: Only Race-Mode or is Stunt-Mode allowed?
9:40 PM 29-Oct-07 : Quote : Report : #

ohh yeah jozii awesome idea and nice to ya back starting a new contest,,,but,,,u will get many mini tracks
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