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United MTC - December 2017 (Results on page 2!)
United MTC - December 2017 (Results on page 2!)5:43 AM 04-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

Welcome to the TMX Monthly Track Contest (MTC), December 2017, hosted by NitroGuy!

In the MTC, you must build a track on a given theme. All of the entered tracks will be rated by judges and a winner will be found.

The Details:
This month, we're re-using one of my personal favorites. Let's have a look at the details of the contest:

Theme of the Month: No flat blocks
No flat blocks are allowed to be driven on in the map. To get a better understanding, picture placing a ball in the middle of a block. If it would roll away in any direction, that block is not flat.

Deadline: December 30, 2017.

The winner will be able to pick a track to showcase on the front page* + 5000 coppers
3000 coppers
1500 coppers

*The track can be a self-made creation or the work of someone else (which has got a maximum of 10 awards already).

The rules:
No flat blocks are allowed to be driven on in the map. You are, however, allowed to drive through or over flat blocks.
The only flat blocks you're allowed to place are the start & finish. Flat checkpoints are only allowed in the rally, desert, and coast environments.
Driving on flat offroad/terraforming is not allowed.
Waterbumps are allowed.
Only race maps are allowed.
All spots/checkpoints must be respawnable.
The author time cannot exceed 2 minutes.
Blockmixing is allowed.
TM Unlimiter requirement is not allowed.
PX tracks are not allowed.
You may submit one track only.
Include the letter combination MTC somewhere in the track name so it can be easily identified.
Example: "Here is my cool map(MTC)".
The track must have been uploaded to the exchange between (and including) December 3rd and 30th, 2017.
The track must be a work of yours - remixes of other tracks are not allowed.
Updating your track within the deadline is allowed.

General tips:
The "General tips" are just recommendations. You won't get disqualified if you do not follow them, but they tend to help your track and its appreciation by general player population.

Remember that you have got about four weeks to build your track. Take some time for testing, or let others test your track in the Beta Area.
Don't forget to check your track for unintentional shortcuts.
A MediaTracker GPS showing the route does not relieve you of your moral obligation to provide guidance during the race (signs or other visual hints on where to go).
Always provide your track on TMX with a screenshot that shows something from the track, and add a description of what can people expect if they play your track.
You will get more points in the "theme" category if your map is a creative and fun as possible with the restrictions. Judges will likely give you more points here if you get as creative as possible with the slingshot!
Important: To enter a track, simply upload it and post your submission in this thread.

The Judging System:
A number of judges will rate the tracks on the following points:

Design – Flow, smoothness, speed, transitions, etc. The general "feel" of the track. Max. 20 points/judge.
Polishing – Scenery, MediaTracker, signage, etc. Final touches that can make the track appear better. Max. 10 points/judge.
Fun Factor – Depending on how fun the judges find your track. Max. 10 points/judge.
Theme / Creativity – Depending on how you create your track within the given guidelines. The less restricted your track feels, the more points you'll get on this area. Max. 10 points/judge.

Regarding the final results, the lowest and highest score of each track will be deleted and the average of the "medium scores" decides - if the number of judges is at least 5.

Good luck and have fun.

We hope many people participate!

If you want to make a donation towards future prize pools, please send coppers to the login: nitroguy.
If you want to judge, please send a PM to   NitroGuy!.
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1:33 PM 04-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Do the respawn routes need to be flat too, or only the main route of the track?
8:46 PM 04-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

You mean not flat?

If so, then no!
10:47 PM 04-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Am I allowed to put a hangar right in front of a finnish line? The car may touch the hangar floor if you're to slow.
8:03 AM 05-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Eh, I'll make a map for real this time since it's the perfect theme to make another bay track using only black blocks. Can you use blocks that aren't flat but have flat sides to them? Picture related.

2:11 PM 05-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

as the rule says as long as the car rides on the non-flat part they should be fine but wait nitro for sure answer
1:50 AM 06-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

yeah what DMW said is correct
3:57 AM 07-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

another note: blocks that are concave or convex are also allowed

a few examples are 3-3-1 & 2, 6-3 & 7 in rally, 3-1-6 & 7 in stadium
2:14 AM 08-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

can you use turbos?
3:28 AM 08-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

only non-flat ones!
7:42 PM 09-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

Is this block allowed? You'd be driving on upper right part of it, which is flat for meter or two.
11:40 AM 13-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

man, why only race tracks allowed, i would love to build a stunt track with no flat blocks in bay envi -.- why just race, it would be a more challenging thing to build a no flat stunt track. Race no flat tracks are way to easy, im a bit sad about this....
12:12 PM 13-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #

I never saw a reason why stunt community is excluded from all MTCs, maybe the only small one that it would be way harder to judge.
1:59 AM 14-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

Stunt maps aren't allowed because they're extremely difficult to judge, and about 95% of tmx users (including myself) wouldn't know how to "properly" judge a stunt map
3:30 PM 14-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Originally posted by NitroGuy! ...
Stunt maps aren't allowed because they're extremely difficult to judge, and about 95% of tmx users (including myself) wouldn't know how to "properly" judge a stunt map

u judge a stunt track like u judge a race track, flow, scenery, MTC theme nailed or not, drivability ect ect pp.

to say noone would know how to judge stunt maps is no excuse to not let the tmx stunters join the contest, im sure lalaland, zipperke and co would love to join in on a stunt one, i would def.

but anyway, its your choice to sepperate a piece of the game completely by itself.

Last edited 14-Dec-2017 by   Brainhead
6:22 PM 14-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

3-8-2 allowed?
11:05 PM 14-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

uh i think a stunt themed MTC could be cool, especially for those who like to experiment xD
2:40 AM 15-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

Originally posted by Moki ...
3-8-2 allowed?

only if you drive on the non-flat part

also, a stunt-MTC will definitely be in consideration
10:28 PM 20-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Is the uphill and downhill turn allowed?
3:59 AM 21-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

of course
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