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Lolita's Tech Contest
Lolita's Tech Contest3:52 AM 09-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

I already released my last map here since the competitive scene died out and with it so did the game for me but since TMM folks came with United edition of TTC out of nowhere, it made me want to build maps for it. However, they are having issues with server hosting, scripts and whatnot so in the meantime I'm holding my own contest that goes by the name of Lolita's Tech Contest (LTC for short).

An offline contest with 7 tech maps, 1 map for each environment and 80k+ coppers up to grabs.


Desert: "LTC Blood Run by   Lolita"
Rally: "LTC Arkinholm by   Lolita"
Snow: "LTC Cure by   Lolita"
Island: "LTC Hektik by   Lolita"
Coast: "LTC Limbus by   Lolita"
Bay: "LTC Phrantic by   Lolita"
Stadium: "LTC Aerowalk by   Lolita"

Maps range from 40 to 45 seconds so they are quite optimal for hunting. Since the maps were built for rounds and for people who probably never played United before coming from Stadium, they are pretty easy in general but still have enough technicality in them for good players to make gaps in time.

Point distribution

Since there are 7 maps in total, you are given points for each of these in a modified GC style point system for top 10 placements the following way:
Quote ...
1. 25
2. 20
3. 16
4. 13
5. 11
6. 9
7. 7
8. 5
9. 3
10. 1

Your final placement is then decided by the overall points you get from each map with maximum amount of points being 175.

Coppers distribution

Quote ...
1. 30000 (+scraps*)
2. 20000
3. 10000
4. 7500
5. 5000
6-7. 3000
8-10. 1000

*The remaining coppers I have left once I have given everyone else theirs (1k+ after Nadeo taxes or more if there won't be 10 people overall who have points by the deadline).

In case of tied points between 2 or multiple players the points are distributed between places' coppers divided by the amount of players. For example, if 2 players are tied for 3th place, 3rd place's 10000 coppers and 4th place's 7500 coppers are divided by 2; 10000 + 7500 / 2 = 8750 in which case both get that sum.


Cutting is strictly forbidden and in case you use a cut in your replay you will receive 0 points for the map if it's still your fastest sent replay by the end of the deadline.

I will not take replays from any other way than sending them through TMX from the map page and I will not update a map if a cut is found.

Even if you don't care about the contest I ask you not to ruin the fun for others by denying them the points by sending in a cut replay.

If you aren't aware what the intentional way is, there are fake finishes in the beginning of each map that has a ghost replay on them that shows you the way. You don't have to follow them blindly though; skipping the first turbo in desert map and other such legit alternative ways and even wallbangs are allowed. If you are wondering if a way is legit, ask in the thread before submitting your replay.

Alternative accounts

Second accounts are obviously banned and if you send in replays from two or more accounts that are your own you are disqualified from the contest. Don't do it.


The maps use a custom signpack since the sceneries were build around them so if you have trouble seeing the signs, download the pack from here and follow the instructions.


You have 2 weeks until Sunday 23th 23:59 CET to submit your replays. After that I write the results down, check the points and distribute the prizes.

With the longish uptime I hope not to see people sniping (sending in their replays in the last minutes) since battling with other players times live on silly maps is one of the most fun parts of the game.

Final words

I hope to see as many people as possible take part in the contest by sending in their replays. Even if you are struggling with the maps don't get discouraged by that and drive them in your own pace. Winning isn't the most important part, it's all about being able to improve your times slowly while learning the tracks that makes the game so fun.

If you have any questions, ask below.
4:39 AM 09-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Reserved for results
  Red Shreder
12:04 AM 10-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

The whole pack is highly fun to drive, nice job dude !
4:22 AM 10-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Glad you liked them. I tried my hardest to make an interesting pack of maps even if I was quite rusty after not building stuff for a while
  Red Shreder
4:58 AM 10-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

And you really succeeded. In any case, i'm glad that what I read on your last snow track ("The last map you will see from me in this game. [...] I'm out of here.") was wrong. ^^

I really hope many people will be interested in this, cause I'm ready for hunting.
11:43 AM 10-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

very nice maps , i love this style ,
me too i'm ready for try hard
@red shreder : go beat my times ^^
12:00 AM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

I only tested snow & rally but would be perfect to play it in rounds, and you use GC points, why don't make a round competition instead ?
2:12 AM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

It's just a casual contest while we are waiting for (hopefully) more United TTC editions to come. I don't have a server or plugin knowledge to host an online event.

Nice to see you are still alive Cib
10:07 AM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

"I don't have a server or plugin knowledge to host an online event."

You can ask for help, I could handle hosting if needed
3:05 PM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

Despite worst mappack for an united race ever, it might be fun
3:33 PM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer


It would actually be a geat idea to host a monthly or so online driving event for the old league heads with pre-released tracks though since no one's holding any contests anymore. Might loook into it later but it won't happen with these maps. What was even the best server plugin for TMU when it came to competitions? I don't think it was Xaseco but that's all I could find from Google.
3:43 PM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Fast 3.2, native plugins includes already ESWC / Giant cups presets, etc.
Last edited 11-Jul-2017 by   Cibermix
3:54 PM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Oh yeah, Fast it was. Cheers.
4:00 PM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

cant believe you decided that these maps were worse than what you sent to et >.>
4:37 PM 11-Jul-17 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Well, practise makes the master they say. I have improved my editor game in the past few years and there's still room for improvement.
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