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About the TMX Knockout
About the TMX Knockout12:47 AM 18-Sep-16 : Quote : Report : #

The TMX Knockout is a weekly online racing competition designed to be fun! It provides casual gameplay and an element of unpredictable results. No training of tracks is required to play.

Time and place

The Knockout is played on Friday evenings at the following times:
o April-October: 22:00 CEST / 20:00 GMT
o November-March: 22:00 CET / 21:00 GMT

It features tracks from all the 7 environments, and is run online, thus a TrackMania United Forever account is required to play.

Join the TMX Knockout server before the designated time to take part!
Server link (London, United Kingdom)


Once a knockout has started, the server will be password protected and late players may not get to play.

At the end of each round, the last placed driver, or all those who do not finish the race, are forced to spectate the rest of the competition. Eventually there will be only one player left as the winner.

For the final six races (so once there is only 7 drivers left), any track which is made by one of the participating drivers will be skipped by the host. Until that time we play on as normal when the author is still in the knockout.

If you experience a disconnection, you may get reinstated only if you haven't been eliminated yet and, without missing any rounds,
o rejoin during the warmup (Rounds)
o rejoin with time to spare (Time Attack, Stunts)

Cuts are not allowed in the race pools unless the host says so.

Any player showing use of driving hacks will be banned without warning.


We are currently running the knockout in three modes; Rounds, Time Attack and Stunts. In Rounds, a warmup is followed by a single round where you have only one chance to avoid getting last. In Time Attack there is no warmup, but instead you have a certain time to set your best time. Our pick of mode depends on the number of players as well as the chosen map pool. Stunts work similarly to Time Attack, the only difference is that instead of setting the best time you have to set your best score.

Stunts mode are played on the first Friday of each month.
Rounds and Time Attack KnockOuts are played on the remaining Fridays.

If we are really few, then we might give each player two lives. In this case, players can get last once without getting eliminated. I am looking into whether a multiple-round system would work as well.


The competition mostly consists of maps built specifically for the knockout system. These are the following map pools we can pick from:

o KO1
o KO2
o KO3 (Environment mixing)
o KO4
o KO5 (Short tracks)
o KO6 (Famous tracks)
o KO7
o KO8 (Fullspeed tracks)
o KO9 (Stunt tracks)
o MK
o MrA tracks
o Retro TMO
o Shock tracks
o StarTrack campaign
o Xmastree tracks

The currently open pool is KO9
To submit a track, see the KO9 building thread
If you find a track to be unsuitable, report it to us at   TMX Moderators


You can find the results of previous knockout events in this thread. Note that the total rankings are not up to date.


o Which environments/styles will be played?
The environments in each pool are evenly distributed, but some environments and specific authors may appear more often than others since we shuffle the maps before the knockout. The maps themselves are usually a blend of tech/speedtech and normal race tracks unless we play a special pool such as KO8.

o I can't find the server, is it down?
Try joining directly through this link, or search for "tmxmkweekly". If you for some reason have too many favourites, try removing a few at Some times it might actually be down, either because Nadeo's own masterserver is down or other reasons. We'll try to keep you up to date on the front page in case this happens.

o Is there a voice chat for the knockout?
Not official, but you can find some of us at the discord channel (ask for an invitation)
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