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TrackMania Exchange Championship 2014
TrackMania Exchange Championship 201412:16 PM 01-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #

*** Championship 2o14
*** Organised by ketrab
*** With help from: Nick_555, Fizzer, maciey

(-I-) Introduction:

a. This championship exists only on TMUFX, not on TMNFX, other parts of TMX, MX or any TM-related sites.
b. TMXCh aims to select this year's champion of TMX.
c. This competition is FREE in its entirety, paying is for n00bs (however, you can donate coppers to ketrab (dragon.axe) if you REALLY want (before you send to ketrab cc you have to PM to ketrab)!

(-II-) General infos:

a. To participate you need to sign in THIS topic.
b. Deadline for signing is 26/05/2014.
c. Maximum number of points you can get is 220 - 100 in driving phase and 120 in building phase.
d. Championship runs from 01/04/2014 to 31/05/2014.
e. Judges: ketrab, Nick_555, maciey

(-III-) Building phase:

a. You can post up to 5 tracks from any enviroment you want with any car you want.
b. You can freely mix and use other tools, just remember that map MUST be openable in "normal" TMUF.
c. Each map will be judged by following criterias:
- Fun-factor (7p)
- Flow/Smoothness (5p)
- Scenery (4p)
- Mediatracker (Intro, GPS, Outro...) (2p)
- Extra points (2p)
Here I'm leaving some points for maps that will amaze me or make me think: WTF is this?
d. Each section is rated to an accuracy of 0,25 points.
e. Only two maps with the most points will be taken into account when adding up the points.
f. Deadline for uploading maps is 26/05/2014.
g. After uploading post your map HERE and make sure it has [TMXCh] tag (it can be also written as .TMXCh., (TMXCh), -TMXCh-, just put those "TMXCh" letters in and it will be good).
h. Judges have the right to do any number of maps on TMXCh.
i. Lenght of map: 15s - 2min.
j. You can not use Puzzle & Platforms mode (Platforms as a hard map - ok, but in Race mode.)
k. Perchance you can update your map, but deadline for updating is 18 May 2014 (map release after that day can not be released). If anyone will see update after deadline, he has to write me it - map will be disqualified.

(-IV-) Driving phase:

a. Driving phase starts... from first TMXCh2014's map and ends 31/05/2014.
b. Only players who are signed up (look @ General infos) will receive points.
c. Points are counted as following: 1st - 10p, 2nd - 9p, 3rd - 8p, ..., 10th - 1p.
d. Then we count an average from all maps on each envir, for example:

snow (2 maps) - 10p, 2p - avg: 6,00
stadium (6 maps) - 8p, 6p, 5p, 4p, 3p, 0p - avg: 4,33

e. Averages from each env are added to create an average on all enviroments:

(6,00 + 4,33 + 2,50 + 6,33 + 4,66 + 8,00 + 9,33) : 7 = 5,87

f. This average will be multiplied by 10 and will count to the overall ranking:

5,87 -> 58,7p in overall ranking
2,90 -> 29p in overall ranking

g. Places in TMXCh maps will be checked 01/06/2014.

(-V-) Prizes'n'stuff:

a. At the moment I have 60000 cc...
b. ...but you can donate some more (look @ introduction).
c. Prizes will be divided between 3 best mappers, 3 best drivers and top10 overall.
d. They will also receive special, limited edition golden sign full of awesomeness!
e. The winner will have the right to choose to Showcase one of his/her maps.

(-VI-) Ending infos:

a. As you can see, even if you are not a talented driver, you can win a prize for the best map (and vice versa).
b. Please note that this tournament is being organized in order to have a great time on TMX United.
c. Results will be available as fast as possible*.

*or not

(-VII-) Have fun, and of course, good luck!
- ketrab
Last edited 06-Jun-2014 by   ketrab
2:04 AM 02-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

So. now its real. but
Originally posted by The28 ...
one thing that prevents me.

MASSIVE (helper) LAG. while it make the game slow down like slow motion.
its make my time invalid. but this helps me getting gold in offline tracks

Originally posted by eyebo ...
Yeah, invalid times can be a problem for online. Using slowdowns to get better times offline... well.. that's cheating Adhan, isn't it? Even if it's not intended.

Originally posted by The28 ...
well that happens.......... Randomly. its happen when maybe if i played more than 2mins

i didnt using any cheats. i didnt even found one cheat
(Track Shortcut is the only one cheat i found. in case someone say "NO CUT")

so. i have Massive helper lag problem. it helps me offline. but eyebo says its cheating.
but this happens randomly BECAUSE my PC is not powerful enough.

so. can i in ?
Last edited 02-Mar-2014 by   Snado
4:23 PM 02-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #

The first time I meet with something like this.
Can you send me exemplary replay with that?

Competitors, what do you think of that?
4:37 PM 02-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #

who cares everybody could be using slowdown it can't be noticed in replays
11:52 PM 02-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Originally posted by Enryx ...
who cares everybody could be using slowdown it can't be noticed in replays

yeah. i have replay when my game slow down. but next time i opened it (when the lag is gone) its seems normal.
10:31 AM 03-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Bring on TMXCH
  |PT| Raceta!
3:39 PM 29-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

if someone don't play one env is it still count for his rank?
9:52 PM 29-Mar-14 : Quote : Report : #

ofc. but to your avg. will be counted 0 points for every map in env. you won't drive.
2:36 PM 01-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Where can i find the tracks?
2:44 PM 01-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

sry, i forgot to write it in this post.
update ;] click here:
4:41 PM 01-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

is it also possible to only enter in the building stage?

8:37 PM 01-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

Time to get started.

Hopefully I'll get rid of this stupid builder's block I've been dealing with since january :/
9:36 AM 02-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Bring it on!
4:50 PM 02-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

Yes lolig, but you should upload minimum 2 tracks to get enough points in mapping category.
11:16 PM 07-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

hmm What is the minimum track length?

I was planning to do a few 30s hunters and some 45s maps but if minimum length is 45s I'll heve to extend a map or 2 I think XD
8:21 AM 09-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

from 15s to 2min
6:39 PM 09-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

I would like to know why this track:
"[TMXCh] Movinger by   monophone"
is counted as a Desert track. Because of the desert car? To me it looks and feels like Stadium. But anyway I can´t drive it, so I probably won´t notice any difference in the car behaviour.

Just to be informed: The car is what counts? Why?
Last edited 09-Apr-2014 by   Vincent
7:12 PM 09-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Originally posted by Vincent ...
I would like to know why this track:
"[TMXCh] Movinger by   monophone"
is counted as a Desert track. Because of the desert car? To me it looks and feels like Stadium. But anyway I can´t drive it, so I probably won´t notice any difference in the car behaviour.

Just to be informed: The car is what counts? Why?

Maybe. Because of car physics and behaviour.

Trackmaniacs know how to drive specific cars. so if they ''pro'' a desert envi.
they are the pro at Desertcar.

and. no one knows how to drive that car perfectly. there will be always
a small mistake in driving that car. even by experts. and unless they are using external controllers

Feeling of the track doesnt count. even if you use islandcar in Rally with lots of turbos and
tight turns (one way to pass this. DRIFT !!! ). it still counts as "Island"

same with desert in stadium.

car physics, handling, and behaviour (and Drift. lol )
is all that counts

Just guessing
9:40 PM 09-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

Adhan has right.
Last year wasn't car mixing - althought it was allowed.
This year it is allowed too, and I decided, it would be in Desert.
Why? As Adhan said, important is physics and behaviour of riding car.
There, where in this category it will be, isn't relevant.
Env. categories are only for clarity and to help riders to choose map for them,
where they will be able to breake world record.
May be scenery is Stadium, but car is Desert, so it is for Deserters.
10:42 PM 09-Apr-14 : Quote : Report : #

Thanks for the answers. And ok - those are the rules.
Maybe I would need a track I can drive to try the different feeling of the car. Up to now I had always avoided this kind of mixed tracks.
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