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The Rally Connection
The Rally Connection1:15 PM 20-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Hey everybody,

we would like to announce the new Rally Connection to the public.

We are a group of Rally lovers who would like to have fun competitions on good Rally tracks. And we also want to boost the Rally environment – which is somehow still looking poor – in order to make it more competitive.

For now the members are (in the order of appearance):
- Vincent
- crooms
- Feanor
- tcq
- waratah
- wity
- DaKKoN
- [ATP]Eviltim
- xgt1
- [CMC]yaVuz
- CRO|Low_B
- [ATP]The Zanar
- -=Skyline=-
- Babar
- ichigo
- ys-tp»toXic
- tmjonas
- Mosht
- JumperJack
- tuta
- Zooz
- Speeder (123speeder456)
- MasterGary
- KiWiNiNjA'w4
- Harmony~Brothers

A warm welcome to all of you!

Of course we are looking for more drivers to join us. There´s no obligation at all – if you like driving Rally, then just tell us here and drive the proposed tracks whenever you have time for it. You needn´t be an excellent driver, just have fun!

The first two tracks have been chosen for competition, and the results are promising. The group has already been quite active, and both tracks have been boosted a lot – and we enjoy the driving.

The first track was the one we met on, it inspired me to form the group – great track, xgt1!

ice racing by   Wraith

The second track has been chosen especially for the new Rally Connection:

Dorfleben by   Toraneko

Thank you all for your participation!!


Last edited 19-Nov-2007 by   Vincent
Re: The Rally Connection2:48 PM 20-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Quote ...
– which is somehow still looking poor

Ofcourse, because the envir incredibly sucks
Sorry but i dont participate
Last edited 20-Aug-2007 by   *speedy*
5:55 PM 20-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Come on speedy, rally is great if you know how to drive it.
And actually vincent's idea is really brilliant, on Island there is the same sort of connection, and it can only be good for rally if we make something similar. It will probably motivate more good authors and drivers to take a look at it.
But we could still use more (good) rally-drivers, to make this also a challenge for the drivers.
So what about EvilTim, Jumperjack, and maybe a few ys-tps?
6:54 PM 20-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

I think it is a massive idea!!! Count me in!!
I'm not that good @ rally, but I damn sure got the Rally-fever (Ever since I created that track )

The more you drive rally, the more you're gonna apreciate the enviroment!!!
2:38 AM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Hey *speedy*, I accept your oppinion, but we have a different one.
I am with DaKKoN:

Quote ...
The more you drive rally, the more you're gonna apreciate the enviroment!!!

Thank you, Feanor - great that you are with us!

Welcome to the connection, DaKKoN! I added your name to the list above. Great times that you posted on the tracks!

Rally is coming!

Last edited 21-Aug-2007 by   Vincent
3:08 AM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Nice idea,I've tried both tracks and they are good.
If I may: "~Welsh-Dragons~ by   WildKai Productions"
Another great and smooth rally track.
You rally drivers should enjoy!

11:23 AM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

I idd liked the Welsh Dragons a lot A typical rally track. The more you play it, the more you like it
(Except for the last corner )

I don't wanna commerzialize here to show my own tracks, but I jsut released a new rally track which maybe you'll like
It's a little faster (on average) then the tracks above, but it IS challenging ---> Rally Licious
If it's not OK to post this, I'll remove it again!!
1:37 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Thank you for your proposals of tracks - and I will check them - but I would prefer that not everybody would spread his favourite tracks here, because the idea is to put concentrated fire on one track at the time.

My idea about chosing tracks is different: I would like to give the power to the Rally Connection members, starting with the list above. The first track gave the idea for the group by itself, the second one I chose, so now it would be the turn of crooms to suggest a suitable track for competition. But there´s no need to hurry. I think a new track every couple of days would be enough, because not everybody has got as much time for the game as he would like to.

Meanwhile those first two tracks turned out to be quite successful: They are clearly among the highest rated Rally tracks, and they have full top 10 lists with copetitive times. Well done, mates!

Last edited 21-Aug-2007 by   Vincent
put me on the list2:39 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

only like 3 track zones thats coast desret and rally and its hard to pick 2nd think rally would win due to the fact i am/or have done co-driving in am rally in a mk1 1974 escort (cosworth powered) total wrc spec great fun flying through trees at like 80+mph hey but better fun with yous(why you say) because here with yous i can walk away from hitting a TREE

so yes please add me to the list love to be a member i know i can beat feanor and the rest if only what what was that ooo crap i woke up it was a dream i was number 1 lol sure i love fun
2:45 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Well it was tough finding a good track that Feanor hadn't owned already
But then Dakkon came along with a track which is great. but i went too fast for it, so its not best for the challenge.
Sorry Dakkon, but the fastest drivers may have problems hitting the last tunnel. But if you update it the lb could go even higher
Last edited 21-Aug-2007 by   crooms
2:48 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

I think the Rally Connection is a great way to improve the reputation of this particular environment if everything goes as planned. I'll do my best to contribute and work my way into the top10's where possible. I'm not the greatest driver but as soon as Vincent mentioned 'Rally' I fell in love with the idea

/offtopic: today I broke my trusty old controller that I'd been using for years so now I'm forced to switch to something different. I hope I can get used to it soon, the first few attempts felt like a completely different game. *wanders off to fiddle with the settings some more*
you want a crazy track2:50 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

check out mine another hey its fun you will not see anything like it your co-driver is waiting for you on the start line!!!!
wetlands ss1 rally so guys some one tell how to put a screen and a link to add tracks here ? mmmm see that other rally is very much like my weetlands ones in text but mine was made on 25 july 2007
Last edited 21-Aug-2007 by   Wraith
4:38 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Nice idea, I'm in as a rally lover
5:14 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

You can put me in too.
I don't know to drive as good as you but I'm trying to learn.
5:17 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Great! Welcome all new drivers!
5:33 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

There is only one small problem.
Several of you are too good for rest of us.
6:14 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

Some of them are too good for me too.

But anyway: Just keep practising, we will get better every day!
  ¤ATS¤The Zanar
6:59 PM 21-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

Is there a way to join this club of rally lovers?

I like racing rally. (mainly tech, some speed)

Oh, and you forgot Babar (RG/Bab) , one of the best tmo players
Last edited 21-Aug-2007 by   ¤ATS¤The Zanar
5:58 AM 22-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Man I got the perfect rally track for ya all to race on...
Tell me when the 2 tracks @ the top of this page are being replaced...

I raced that track again an I just can't keep it from you anymore...
"Oversize by   tyzz"
I loved it and I still do!!!
This is already an older track that deserves the same mentioning as above...
"Science of Rally by   Networx"
Last edited 22-Aug-2007 by   DaKKoN
2:26 PM 22-Aug-07 : Quote : Report : #

[ATP]The Zanar, I put your name on the list. And I didn´t forget Babar, he just hasn´t shown up yet. But I will invite him by PM, because he´s definitely a Rally lover.

Thank you, DaKKoN for your suggestions, I will try them. The tracks above will not be replaced, we will add more tracks in the end of the thread later. It´s up to crooms now to tell us which track will be next.
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