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TMX Classics - the list
TMX Classics - the list5:32 AM 18-Sep-13 : Quote : Report : #

In this topic you can find a list of most of the tracks on the Classic Leaderboard and the dates they were added. You can always find the full list of Classic tracks via the "Find Tracks \ Classic Tracks" menu here on the site. However, for those who hunt Classic tracks, it's sometimes useful to see when a new wave of Classic tracks has been added. Therefore, we'll keep this topic updated when new Classic tracks arrive.

For an explanation of the Classic Leaderboard, check the topic about the TMX Leaderboards.

• 27.06.2008
"Nostalgia by   [CMC]Figos"
"Snowy by   MiniZyko"
"The Flying Desertman (Picupda by   MikoZ"
"GC4 Fort frère by   Vautour"
"Royale by   pitstep"
"Suntrap by   BrummHummel"
"Bay Crystal by   PapyChampy"

• 04.07.2008
"Face Yourself by   Lavidaloca | boOst up"
"Gelati by   pitstep"
"InstantAction by   Micster"
"Rally Virgin by   KiWiNiNjA"
"BELLS by   KEV Fan"
"Seaside Cruising by   iisq"
"BayForce by   Cool-T"

• 11.07.2008
"Isolation by   bachl"
"unleash the beast by   Kellerkind"
"Raintree Country by   Vincent"
"Boogie by   Kendar"
"Coastal Roundup by   Ignition"
"MensionsX by   DeaD.oas"
"Requiem for a dream by   nechic"

• 18.07.2008
snow "Dual Snowracer by   Andree & PapyChampy"
"Chemical Weapon by   [CMC]Zeo"
"Mini Rally `2 by   Mr.Brow"
"Infernal Duo by   BrummHummel"
"L@ Provence by   «Speedy»LT"
"MinUstule 019 by   Fistule"
"Hunting for Witches by   Kendal"

• 25.07.2008
"~Yellow*Snow~ by   poOTinio"
"DR: Next Generation by   SneezR"
"Coming Around Again by   KiWiNiNjA"
"RACE TIME by   Bionick"
"MicroSpeed by   Sivert"
"Keep runing... by   Bare"

• 04.08.2008
"IDFMT - Néolithique Avancé by   XCS MappYnG"

• 01.10.2008
"Snow Storm by   Heidi"
"Snowkeydokey by   crooms"
"Blackout by   --LooK--"
"Hypnotize by   Andree"
"It´s time for tech ! by   Ignition"
"Dusty Sand by   Andree"
"Ghost Driver by   SkunkY"
"GREEN DREAM by   Bionick"
"Sick Thing by   Jake"
"Prologue by   Tuta"
"Hellsßay by   pitstep"
"E 55 by   LoG.ism"
"Noob Free Zone by   scala"
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• 07.01.2009
"SnowSation by   dkkn^walla^table"
"Hokkaido GC by   Hastings"
"Snowwolf by   bachl"
"Seaside Speedfreaks by   Sivert"
"When The Wheight Comes Down by   Skal"
"DeathProof by   DaKKoN"
"Flown by   Razor."
"Chilling in the forest by   MI"
"TMU-Rally by   walkman"
"daredevil by   SkunkY"
"Make the floor burn by   KEV Fan"
"XT-raterrestrial by   BrummHummel"
"- 25 - by   BrummHummel"
"Singularity by   DaKKoN"
"Lost Paradize by   tmjonas+PC"
"Solaris by   PapyChampy"
"Prosit Bey! by   Vincent"
"Stoned City by   Vincent"
"Heaven & Hell by   «Speedy»LT"
"Green Invasion by   Lavidaloca | boOst up"
"Nuclear_attack by   Bare"

• 15.02.2009
"»Snow Translations by   MW?!"
"Subarctic by   Wallaby"
"snowmotion by   pitstep"
"Magnum 2 by   Andree"
"CanyonLand by   Jonkster"
"~Incarnisation2~ by   ~Ganjaweeds~"
"Mini 02 by   mlplaya"
"patchwood by   medina"
"Slowburn by   Sandder"
"Poltergeist by   iQue | tm2"
"Concrete Dreaming by   KEV Fan"
"Jumbo Jumble by   DaKKoN"
"Alpine Forest by   Mr.DvD"
"LeTourDeLile by   las tico"
"lawados by   pitstep"
"the least worst of... by   BrummHummel"
"Crossover by   DidyZ"
"Kinetic Energy by   *speedy*"
"fugazi by   Ricardo Rix"
"White Delight by   CRO|Low_B"

• 25.02.2009
"Snowtastic by   Vitro"
"Desert Strike by   Andree"
"NYC Rally 1 by   Xmastree"
"Low - Flow by   DaKKoN"
"Leakage by   tmjonas"
"Uncharted Waters by   Arild"
"The Big Lebowski by   Zippage"

• 04.03.2009
"The Twixt by   ys-tp»toXic"
"Hotter than hell by   Golo"
"RallySprint by   crooms"
"Caught in the middle by   SkunkY"
"Bad Karma by   iisq"
"Bay Rumble by   [ATP]scottmc"
"Fiddle With The Devil by   Zip & Scala"

• 22.04.2009
"*Too Easy for you* by   Wallaby"
"Snow Party 9 by   Mr.DvD"
"Snow Party 12 by   Mr.DvD"
"Calmato² by   pitstep"
"Furious Fun 2 by   DaKKoN"
"Adopt a highway by   iRoC"
"Shrew by   ChinUp"
"Sunsetter by   KEV Fan"
"Destructive by   Markus..."
"XTinct by   XT Projects"
"PyraMinX by   DrZuckerbrot"
"10x10 ~ 1000cc ~ New Borders by   BogR"
"WindUp by   Sandder"
"Baycon. by   CraxX"
"Swirl by   tmjonas"
"Desert Storm by   Smok3y & Markus"
"Short Skilled 1 by   shady"
"Sunshine Fun by   lion3000"

• 05.06.2009
"Snow Party 7 by   Mr.DvD"
"Snow Party 11 by   Mr.DvD"
"Black winter night by   Hitchy"
"Desert Hunter 1 by   Mr.DvD"
"Mr. Lion Mini 001 by   Mr. Lion"
"New Mexico by   Hastings"
"Bolton by   ChinUp"
"Hone Hill by   ChinUp"
"Juno by   ChinUp"
"Power Slide by   Amit»LT"
"Play it again, Sam! by   Vincent"
"HellRide by   Markus..."
"R O U N D E R by   DaKKoN"
"magic coast by   Stoney"
"Persuasive Power by   SkunkY"
"BaYbaY by   Massa"
"ChAnge Up by   XCS SanKa"
"Under Sixteen by   Hubby"
"Stupid mini 3 by   walkman"
"Dawnhill Rage by   Zyre"

• 16.06.2009
"Dynamix by   pitstep"
"Snow Party 10 by   Mr.DvD"
"Calmato by   pitstep"
"Ready to Rumble by   Andree"
"Flower Garden 2 by   Sffn Mauri"
"Blim by   ChinUp"
"Slipstream by   Edge"
"HappyNewYear by   Axon"
"SPANISH GP Round 5 by   Wraith"
"Gold Coast by   Xmastree"
"Curse of bay by   Massa"
"Arcania by   eyebo.wp"
"Kashmir by   puinbakker"
"Hang Time 2 by   ceo_tw"

• 18.08.2009
"Cold Hunt #1 by   SeaDevil"
"Alpine Record Hunt by   paddya"
"never surrender by   muisje"
"Beautiful Day by   iRoC"
"Grimsby by   ChinUp"
"Flower Garden 4 by   Sffn Mauri"
"EXPERTise v1.1 by   BrummHummel"
"BattleCruiser_II by   Plus9dB996"
"Morning Has Broken by   Mr.DvD"
"Country Roads by   Mr.DvD"
"Curse of bay 3 by   Massa"
"Dream (XTTL) by   Jonkster"
"Perfect Picture by   lion3000"

• 06.12.2009
"SnowChecker by   pitstep"
"Snow Party 14 by   Mr.DvD"
"Wall E by   Mr.DvD"
"New Territory by   DanDaMan"
"Valhalla by   'Buchi'"
"Twisted Horizon by   Edge"
"+Chucky+ by   Mr.DvD"
"Finding Nemo by   Mr.DvD"
"+Teisen+ by   Mr.DvD"
"Place !n your Heart by   Prdlous"
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• 20.01.2010
"Snow Party 13 by   Mr.DvD"
"*Runnin Wild* by   Ripper"
"MAXIMUM O.D. by   DaKKoN"
"Peyote by   Hubby"
"Death Valley by   FreeZe"
"Prinz of Persia by   Mr.DvD"
"+Darkman+ by   Mr.DvD"
"Sonic by   Mr.DvD"
"Future Shock by   Kendar"
"Heißer Schrei by   Virus721 (TM Break)"
"Hey Joe 2 by   Nibor"
"Beautiful Morning by   iRoC"
"Try me... by   Massa"
"Last Exit For The Lost by   BrummHummel"
"Blue Water, Blue Sky (fixed) by   Go 2"
"Unity by   BReMFoX"

• 21.03.2010
"Alpinized by   Wallaby"
"Aurora by   Wallaby"
"Blood, Sweat & Tears by   BrummHummel"
"»Hope by   FT»Rast"
"Footsteps by   Mr.DvD"
"15 sec Adrenaline Rush by   Axon"
"Sunriser by   KEV Fan"
"SHOGUN by   Mr.DvD"
"1000 CC SANTA by   everton"
"Mini Mini 4 by   Massa"
"Psychosis by   DaKKoN"
"Call of Du-o-ty by   TimeBreaker_Swesebbe"
"Point of No Return by   [ATP]HAVOC"

• 08.05.2010
"Flow Tool by   Darki"
"Magnet!c 2 by   Acid"
"Love Hurts by   MasterDisaster"
"Skyspeed by   Park"
"Desert Combat by   Monster."
"Lemontree by   Mr.DvD"
"Boosterless 3 by   »der.Hund"
"+Marcel le Poivrot+ by   Mr.DvD"
"Flower Garden 5 by   Sffn Mauri"
"MaKuckn by   HonG"
"Drivers Paradise by   Markus..."
"1000 CC INTO THE SUNSET by   everton"
"Horse Isle by   Kwn"
"Bayond by   Markus..."
"Curse of bay 2 by   Massa"
"BayBee by   BrummHummel"
"FS-Bay³ by   pitstep"
"Psyclone by   Kendar"
"Baysilisk 2 by   Hageldave"
"streamline by   KoBe"
"Impression by   CRO|Low_B"
"Lost Night by   CRO|Low_B"
"KizMyAz by   CraxX"

• 11.07.2010
"Brain Freeze by   Wallaby"
"Alpine> Dream by   F4B!"
"NeXuS by   Acid"
"BlockCreationZ by   AcidCreeper"
"Keep on running by   rad"
"sand screen by   Stoney"
"»Rush! by   Mr.DvD"
"Speed Addiction 2 by   Park"
"»Bluemotion by   Mr.DvD"
"Is!and-Man!a by   smartyyy"
"»PhotoFinish by   FT»sanfc"
"StepThru by   Skal"
"µCoast Part I by   Crazy-Sam"
"1000 CC DELLFIASKO by   everton"
"Straight Flush by   Mr.DvD"
"miniii 14 by   AdavonOtt"
"Sakrileg by   Mr.DvD"
"Moonlight (MTC) by   Hitchy"
"back to stadium by   matto"
"Warp by   crooms"

• 12.09.2010
"Alpinator.« by   FT»Peddy"
"+OLDA_X+ by   Mr.DvD"
"Roast Beef by   FT»Tobbe"
"» R.U.S.E. by   Mr. Lion"
"Argos by   Alex BF"
"Chain Reaction by   XT Projects"
"XT BASCO by   XT Projects"
"The same old song by   BrummHummel"
"Crazy Train by   Alex BF"
"Friendly Competition by   Xmastree"
"»Roll me! (mtc) by   FT»sanfc"
"Phenomenon by   Hageldave"
"Eternal Sunset by   datsun"
"P0rtal by   PapyChampy"

• 23.11.2010
"»Serenity by   Acid"
"Snow Party 8 by   Mr.DvD"
"April Fool (MTC) by   Sivert"
"God is an Astronaut by   Skilla&Aedco"
"Hunting In Morias by   Alex BF"
"Crosscountry by   disturbio"
"FireWalking by   BrummHummel"
"»Megalomaniac° by   FT»sanfc"
"Maya by   zenyatta"
"Flash of the Blade [MTC] by   'Buchi'"
"Hell Bell (MTC) by   Karma"
"Shades by   zenyatta"
"Mr HUNT by   MiniZyko"
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• 23.01.2011
"Alpice by   pankrat"
"+Wallaby+ by   Mr.DvD"
"Desertious by   PorschefanRoel"
"Anderstatement by   Skilla»LT"
"Dirty Swamp by   Drannn»UD"
"Poison Girl by   »der.Hund"
"»Man Overboard°. by   FT»Peddy"
"Smooth Addiction TMU by   SkunkY"
"Biscaya by   Deng:)"
"Fast Bridges by   Patriot »CT«"
"Its LoL Time 41 by   Mr.DvD"
"Its LoL Time 34 by   Mr.DvD"
"Speed Can Kill by   smok3y & sandder"
"T-Rex by   zenyatta"

• 20.03.2011
"TMX 5th Anniversary - Snow by   TMX Community"
"White Spirit by   Wallaby"
"Win the Jackpot! 2 by   Mr.DvD"
"Can you tell me the way to fl... by   Wallaby"
"Fly Fun by   Alex BF"
"Simple Rally 1 by   Sffn Mauri"
"» Immortality by   FT»Shock!"
"Doublefun Doublefun by   Axon"
"Jawbreaker by   Alex BF"
"Ice Road Trucker by   Xmastree"
"+wab+ by   Mr.DvD"
"[FS] Image of the invisible by   Gman`w4"
"Golden Earring by   zenyatta"

• 30.05.2011
"»The Chase by   Mr.DvD"
"Frozen by   Mr.DvD"
"Mixed Pickles 7 by   Mr.DvD"
"Wroooooam Vol2 by   sTeImOlO"
"Flower Garden by   Sffn Mauri"
"Geronimo by   zenyatta"
"Good ole Sunrise by   KEV Fan"
"Luchini by   osna"
"HC_666_ by   Wraith"
"Ready For Impact by   Alex BF"
"Its LoL Time 44 by   Mr.DvD"
"BlackBoX by   WAB"
"forget-me-not by   thegigpig35"
"Down-&-Dirty by   CraxX"

• 25.07.2011
"Reloadead by   Skilla&AcidCreeper"
"Slow, Deep & Hard by   BrummHummel"
"Palomino by   zenyatta"
"Collide by   Pet-Placka"
"Summer Time by   Alex BF"
"Mini Hunt by   WAB"
"Tech Stadium by   Xmastree"

• 06.09.2013
"Mixed Pickles 25 by   Mr.DvD"
"Loosen Up! by   FT»@ndy"
"DBC10.Neith by   tcq&Friends"
"KTLC~FEver by   Toubib"
"Duzi by   ChinUp"
"Mr.DVD Rally B1 by   Mr.DvD"
"A different story by   FT»lolig"
"Tangled by   Edge"
"Coast'n'Los by   Linkin Tracks"
"Espania @round In Europe by   Alex BF"
"Bayside Rush by   Hotsch"
"Mr.DVD Bay B5 by   Mr.DvD"
"offenced! by   j-a-m"
"al!ve« by   j-a-m"

car - "dare.mtc by   Adsun"
car - "Night falls« disturbio edit. by   j-a-m"
car - "Poseidon (MTC) by   Sriver"
car - "LightSpeed by   MN"
car - "Coast'n on the Highway by   nickrev"
car - "SuperMan by   Dag@bert"
car - "Moin 2 by   Fulax"
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Site Leader

• 16.05.2020

"FS mini e by   mlokan"
"Mr.DVD Bay B3 by   Mr.DvD"
"Cage Racing by   Xmastree"
"Slaughter House by   GD"
"Buccaner Bay by   diplo | mp"

"Smooth Operator by   lowfly"
"Enemy by   Alex BF"
"Fast Fingers by   sTeImOlO"

"Exploding Power by   MoaraShira"
"Notorious Killer by   MoaraShira"
"Surf Rider by   Sriver"
"Breaks by   Markus..."

"(MC) XMas Wish by   zenyatta"
"MK1-Still Winter by   Nitryx"
"MC Cool Yule 2011 by   Dr.Eile"
"100* by   Pacha»UD"
"the sad mafioso by   tmjonas"

"Kaugummi´s 52 by   OLD FARTS"
"Happy Birthday Kaugummi59 by   Mr.DvD"
"Boombastic by   NIBFLY4HANDS Industries"
"Arab!an N!ghts by   smok3y"
"Illusion by   CRO|Low_B"

"freebird by   »der.Hund"
"Piggy Rally by   3 Pigs"
"weißkohl« by   timmy»UD"
"Countryside by   -Dragon-"
"Voluntary« by   ReviiLo :x"

"ULR - Kono michi wa... by"
"United League Ridiculousmapping by   Zooz"
"KO4 Different View« by   basbaas»LT"
"Slash your tires by   iRoC"
"»Blueprint! by   FT»@ndy"
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