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TM2 @ E3 - Impressions from The_Killer
TM2 @ E3 - Impressions from The_Killer3:49 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

Back: Pepita, Annki, Jeryo, The_Killer
Front: MrBob, The Doctor

From the ManiaPlanet Blog:

Originally posted by MrBob ...
After the conference, we will be animating the TrackMania² Canyon booth, composed of 8 pods demoing the game for journalists, and a large screen showing up the trailer and some in-game footage. FragDolls and 2 players from TrackMania US community will be joining us on the booth from Tuesday to Thursday to help us demoing the game.

Our very own   The_Killer and   The Doctor are the two US players mentioned in the quote above.

If you want to read The Doctor's impressions, you will find them in this thread on the TM AirTime forums.

I just got off the phone with The_Killer and he graciously shared some information with me about the game. And I think more importantly, he shared his impressions after playing it all day. He had such fun and was really excited. So needless to say, I'm also now even more excited than I already was.

Here's some of his thoughts, impressions, and observations...


Very easy to pick up for anyone. People would walk up to the booth and pick it up within 15 minutes.

The physics -
Car is very light
Very easy mix between Island, Bay, and Stadium.
The car has very fast pick up. It's rear-wheel drive.
Bay car acceleration.
Its faster to slide through the corners than Stadium.

He stressed it's very easy to pick up/learn.

He said they had a ball playing. It was REALLY fun.

The feel you get from playing it is different than the idea you perceive from the trailers. It's a lot more grippy, much like stadium. But unlike stadium that regains grip very quickly if you let off the brake... Canyon just keeps on drifting and it has such speed and instant acceleration... it's just so fun.

Drifts have to be initiated... either by braking or by some force on the track which sends you into a slide. But the slides feel different than any previous environment.

The in-game server setup is almost identical to TMUF.

In-game layout has changed when racing.
Remaining time and position and previous time and best time are in the bottom right third. (See Screenshot)

It's amazingly easy for keyboard
It's very significant that they've removed the analog acceleration
Analog turning is still there.

And then there's the big wide wall parts and the wallrides... the car actually sticks to the wall. It's not like old environments where the car is a little bit away from the wall... in TM2 it actually sticks to it!!! When you're on the wall you can actually turn on it and do like drifts along it sort of like its a normal road. You can't stop on it though. You WILL fall off.


The painter is very similar to TMUF. (See Screenshot) (note the void clantag he added)
The paint can be made to shine or be completely dull.

Some other new options in the editor! (See Screenshot)

The editor is very expansive.

Copy and paste was working in the editor. (See Screenshot)

Game modes to select in the editor are... race, stunt, platform, script (The_Kiiller thinks it'll be good for story tracks and stuff).

The_killer's impression of the blocks is that they were enourmous. Tons of blocks. You name it, they have it. Two different kinds of platforms, one has a tunnel system inside of it. There's also the GP blocks like the ones from Coast.

In the editor, when you go to place a block that requires specialized terraforming, the terraforming will automatically be created as you place the block.

Regarding Tech maps.... there's some tighter turning blocks, but the killer said he felt like it was focused more on fullspeed. It may not be how it has to be, but that's his initial feelings on it.

You no longer have to do the CTRL+CLICK thing to change the mood of the track after it's already built. The_Killer said he was told you can do it now via mediatracker.

There is a simple editor too.

He forgets the exact map size... but it felt comparable to Island in size.

MediaTracker clip options! (See Screenshot)
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You all are welcome!
4:16 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #


The sounds in the E3 trailer were added in later, it wasn't in-game footage (as we learned from Hylis on maniaplanet forums), but the killer said that the real sounds aren't that far off from what you heard in the trailer.

The ability to change ALL graphics settings in-game.

Lighting is superb!
Cosmetic damage... the hood will actually fly off... doors will open.
Glass on the windshield can break and shatter.


The_Killer and The Doctor had to drive pretty much constantly from 9:15am to 4pm. They couldn't let the game sit idle, because their driving was up on a big screen.

By 10am they had really picked it up and were starting to set really good times. He stresses again how easy it was to pick up.

If you see gameplay videos of the booth with the green car with white stripes, it's The_Killer.

The people visiting the booth were very happy to see that members of the community, The_Killer and The Doctor, were there. They said it's always nice to see members of the community at these events representing the games. It brings a lot of energy to the booth.

A good share of people who knew what Trackmania was... and were like "oh yeah, trackmania!!" but some also were like "what's this?"

The_Killer didn't hear very many, if any negative comments about the game. It was all very positive.

The_Killer and The Doctor tried to answer any questions people had about the game.

Tomorrow is a competition between The_Killer, The Doctor, one of the Fragdolls vs five of anyone who wants to compete with them that approaches the booth.


There's no way to open tm2 by itself.
When you open it... it opens maniaplanet.
and it takes maybe 3 secs to go from maniaplanet to tm2

The "explore" button (for manialinks) isn't in each game, it's only in maniaplanet.

You can flip through the various titles/environments via the main menu of maniaplanet.


He got three T-shirts.
A maniaplanet t-shirt blue on white
And 2 black t-shirts with maniaplanet logos on them.
5 buttons! yay! (See Screenshot)
The T-Shirts can also be won in the competitions at E3

The Doctor is in the black and white striped shirt in the photos below. The_Killer is on the right.

(Just a note. I actually designed the shirt that The_Killer is wearing in the shots below. It says our team name, VOID, on the front. And on the back it has a shot of TM2 with The_Killer's new name for TM2 on it... Xil. It's pretty cool to see him wearing it for E3. -eyebo)


June 7, 2011:
08:45 Met up with Alex, Ubisoft Rep - Picked up stuff at the event
09:00 Met up with Nadeo people. MrBob (Edouard) and Pepita were there. They talked.
09:15 The_Killer and The Doctor started playing TM2 Canyon!!!!
16:00 Stopped playing and focused even more on talking with visitors to the booth.
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Total TMX Nutter!

Impressions on ManiaPlanet; was it live? How do you share?
4:28 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

I'll ask him later tonight when I talk to him again. He had to go get some dinner.

Tell me all the questions you want to ask him. I'll pass them along.
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4:38 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

And more from The_Killer:


June 7, 2011:
Photo 1 (Hotel Keys!)
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11
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Total TMX Nutter!

OMG cut copy tools. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
4:46 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

Originally posted by fastforza ...
OMG cut copy tools. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Poster and interface while driving looks amazing too.

Thanks for the pics and details, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of getting to play this game.
5:14 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #
check my soundcloud

I'm moar jealous...I could be there with him if I were a year older
5:24 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

On a scale from 1 to Jelly...I have just broken the scale.

And mix tools? O.o
5:29 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

I'm pretty excited to live this vicariously. But yeah, I wish I had my paws on a keyboard connected to TM2 RIGHT NAO
6:21 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

That's awesome!
thx eyebo for sharing Wish I could've been there
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6:22 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

6:25 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

Originally posted by fastforza ...
Impressions on ManiaPlanet; was it live? How do you share?

It wasn't connected online. It was just connected on LAN. He did play a track he built on the LAN server the doctor and him were playing on, but that was it. He didn't try any other sharing. (He just told me via voice chat)
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6:27 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Originally posted by eyebo ...

It wasn't connected online. It was just connected on LAN. He did play a track he built on the LAN server the doctor and him were playing on, but that was it. He didn't try any other sharing. (He just told me via voice chat)

That's alright. Hopefully it's live during beta!
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6:33 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

A gameplay video would be awesome

thx for sharing

6:42 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

He'll do one tomorrow for sure.
6:44 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Many thanks for sharing in-depth info and screenshots. I'm jealous -- wish I was there!
7:09 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

Can't wait for September
7:16 AM 08-Jun-11 : Quote : Report : #

If you guys have questions you want answered. Ask away. It's hard to think of everything when I'm trying to interview The_Killer.
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