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How do you delete your own track from playPal (offline mode)?
How do you delete your own track from playPal (offline mode)?3:14 PM 06-Mar-10 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer


I did put a track on PlayPal(offfline), But it needs more design work so i can improve it. My question is how can you remove one of your own tracks you put on here, or do you have delete it totally from your track list?. I tried hiding it on my trcak page but it would not let me as it was on PlayPal offline. You can delete your own tracks from the online part but not this part, it seems too long winded to report your own track

Thanks asdaprice

****OK updated my track now so above question not so relevent, but I think it would be useful to delete your own trcak if you wish****
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