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eyebo's videos
eyebo's videos8:32 PM 19-Feb-10 : Quote : Report : #

I will use this thread to link to videos I've made.
8:40 PM 19-Feb-10 : Quote : Report : #

Nadeo E04-Obstacle
My Official Time: 1:57.75 (the run shown in the video)
5th USA / 176th World

GRiD Fun
Stunts and crashes in Race Driver GRiD
Featuring: NitroGuY, Bucky, Bushmonkey, poziokat, Bradshaw, killerhurts, and me

Freestyle Grind on MuhStylez Freestyle map
Just a random freestyle stunt I did some months ago

Unintentional Stunts (and here's a better quality copy uploaded in 2010)
Various unintentional stunts saved while driving normal tracks and then edited into this compilation video. A sequel is in the making.
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8:41 AM 21-Apr-10 : Quote : Report : #

Wall-E on Evolution by tmjonas & Acid
My comments from YouTube:
This is my 1:16.13 run on Evolution. Sorry, there's no sound.
The track is a custom one from the racing game Trackmania United Forever celebrating the 5th anniversary of the popular track sharing site Trackmania Exchange. During the course of this track you can see many of the different styles of building over the past 6 years since people first started building in the desert environment.

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9:06 AM 09-May-10 : Quote : Report : #

Where did u get the model?
Nice run btw.
12:24 AM 20-May-10 : Quote : Report : #

Sorry for slow response. It's from Carpark.
2:26 AM 10-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #

Some new videos I uploaded:

Gold on Snow-A4-Reverse
Several records that [SFFN]Gold drove on "SnowA4-Reverse by   Jadis"

Island-Man!a by smartyyy
Craaazy Fullspeed Islander currently at the top of the Island LB. Check out the track here.

Trackmania - Long Coast Track (CAR-AZY & Dengel) [BETA]
Pure insanity. A 17min seen in 4mins. The track is here if you want to try it.

UL7 - T-Swizzle by RKO 90
A fun league track I made a video of after just a few runs on it. You can get it here.

NewWorldOrder by Arild
Random stadium track I made a video of. Download it here if you want. I also tried to make some Fog FX for the first time.

Standard. by acura_rsx
One of my favorite stadium speedtechs... and further experimentation with Fog FX.
7:09 AM 18-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #
I'm fluffy.

You need to post the one that you made for Nitro now.
4:41 PM 18-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #

Oh Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot to put it here.

So NitroGuY released:

Walk Into The Jaws Of Hell by   NitroGuy!»UD

I've made a video of the outro since I so rarely create one. I guess it's sort of an ad for the track.

You can see it on TM-Tube or YouTube!
7:24 PM 27-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #

I've re-uploaded Unintentional Stunts, my video from 2008, in better quality.
7:18 PM 28-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #

New video.... This time a top10 run I recently did on Bushido by KiWiNiNjA

Watch the video: YouTube | TM-Tube
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10:14 AM 29-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Awesome run eyebo Can't believe you did it with kb
9:46 PM 29-Jul-10 : Quote : Report : #

Thanks Tuta I even hit the wall once and still beat my pb by over a second and a half.
11:02 PM 26-Sep-10 : Quote : Report : #

So, I know the track was posted in April 2009, but I just played "Long Island Iced Tea by   Hageldave" for the first time yesterday. I was BLOWN AWAY

So naturally I had to make a video of my run:

1280x720 on YouTube
1280x720 on TM-Tube
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4:49 PM 03-Feb-12 : Quote : Report : #

I've been posting a lot of TM2 videos...
But today I posted a TMUF video...

YouTube: 20:01: a coast odyssey (Trailer)
TM-Tube: 20:01: a coast odyssey (Trailer)

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3:18 AM 11-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

Unintentional Stunts 2
A compilation of accidental stunts during the last four years. There's some TM2 Canyon in there, but also a lot of United clips.

Unintentional Stunts 2 Outtakes
A few clips that didn't make it into the main production, but they were cool nonetheless so I decided to release them as a side video.
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12:12 PM 21-Sep-12 : Quote : Report : #

Random TrackMania Mashup
Today I found an odd collection of old videos (unedited rendered replays) from a few years ago. So I thought... let's make a video with them! I hope you enjoy it. I threw it together rather quickly to finally use these old video files and get them off my hard drive.

More info in the YouTube description.
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9:47 PM 21-Sep-12 : Quote : Report : #

The Mashup video was blocked in Italy.

So I've put it on TM-Tube as well.
8:45 PM 17-Dec-15 : Quote : Report : #

Released a new TMUF video today.

Author Showcase: Zemano
9:16 AM 12-Sep-16 : Quote : Report : #

New video...
Author Showcase: medina

Also, I posted a ton of video about my own tracks over the past couple months but I won't link them all here. You can find them on my YouTube channel.
12:15 PM 24-Sep-16 : Quote : Report : #

Fan Trailer: YouTube | TM-Tube

Playthrough (with commentary)

These are two videos showcasing this track:
Inca temple by   Golo
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