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Track NameAuthorEnvir.CarAwardsCom.LB RatingWorld RecordByEtc
Luna  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium  1 1,000 0:38.17  Brainhead
Krieger des Lichts  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium  1 1,000(none)-
Written in the Stars  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Stadt  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Sloopy  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Seenot  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
right round  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Reign of the hammer  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Pokemon  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Monster  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
FürImmer  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Eyo-Technology  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Danger Zone  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Dragon  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Cotton Eye Joe  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Cobra 11  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Cat_Girl  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Americano  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
AllTheRightMoves  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
Abwärts  PrincessLunaStadiumStadium   1,000(none)-
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