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FC 202003-Oct-2020
Posted By:   NitroGuy!»UD 

The final results of the Freestyle Cup for 2020 have been announced. Thank you to all who participated, this was much needed nostalgia & fun in the chaos of 2020.

You can view the results here!
April 2020 MTC results02-Sep-2020
Posted By:   nod32»UD 
  Fallout Boy and   timmy»UD won the April 2020 MTC.

Check out the full results here
Freestyle Cup August 202002-Aug-2020
Posted By:   NitroGuy!»UD 
On an impromptu note, I have decided to make the final map of the FC season a TM 2020 map, Bowl Extrem by Diabl0. I figured this would be a great way to spread freestyle to the new TM players and test the waters for possible future Freestyle Cups.

To play this map:
•Open TM 2020
•Join the "Freestyle Community" club
•Find this month's map in the "Maps" section, be sure to record your replay on the 1 cp version!

Time limit is still 1:55-2:05, deadline is August 31, 2020. Have fun!
New TMX for new TM!07-Jul-2020
Posted By:   rad 

A new TrackMania game has been released on the 1st of July and on the same day a new exclusive TrackMania eXchange site for the game has been released as well!

FC July 202002-Jul-2020
Posted By:   NitroGuy!»UD 
The next map for the freestyle cup has been announced! It is "Pop Corn [1°CP] by   Titi" .

The deadline to submit your replay is July 31, 2020

Find more info on the freestyle cup here!
FC June 202002-Jun-2020
Posted By:   NitroGuy!»UD 

The next map for the freestyle cup has been announced! It is "Free Dust [1-CP] by   Denim'" .

The deadline to submit your replay is June 30, 2020

Find more info on the freestyle cup here!
New classics!16-May-2020
Posted By:   rad 

Finally, after nearly 7 years we have 35 new classic tracks here at United!
Join the hunt!

Full list of new classic tracks | How the leaderboard works

KO20 is happening!15-May-2020
Posted By:   Voyager006 

A KO with only brand new maps? What's this?

TMX Knockout
Friday, May 15 at 22:00 CEST

Install & Play fixed!12-May-2020
Posted By:   eyebo.wp 
Since the recent server move, Install & Play has been broken. Today, we're happy to report, it's fixed! Thanks to our great dev team. Now go play some tracks!
More comebacks!07-May-2020
Posted By:   rad 
  [ATP]Joanna has joined the crew again to help develop the sites again! Welcome back!
Freestyle Cup 2020!03-May-2020
Posted By:   NitroGuy!»UD 

That's right! The Freestyle Cup is back for another season, this time over 4 months. Head over to the FC main topic to find information on what exactly the freestyle cup is and how to enter.

The first map of the competition will be: Punk & Freestyle by KOko. Even after 14 years, this map is still a fantastic map full of both old & new school spots that should be perfect for all skill levels.

The map can be downloaded here:
CP Version
1 CP Version

The deadline to submit your run is May 30, 2020. Have fun!
Welcome back!02-May-2020
Posted By:   NitroGuy!»UD 
Us mods here at would like to give a warm welcome back to all the players who are returning after years of inactivity. It's always great to see familiar faces, more unique maps, and more activity all-around. Thank you for your continued support of tmx and Trackmania!

Welcome back!25-Apr-2020
Posted By:   nod32»UD 
TMUX is back up! We thank Ozon for his hard work.

As you have probably noticed, the site will load significantly faster from now on!
Server Move23-Apr-2020
Posted By:   eyebo.wp 
This weekend we will temporarily shut down our servers to move all of our resources to a new server. That's right!

- More performance & storage!
- TMX - now hosted on SSDs!
- ManiaBot on Discord working again (hopefully)!

Work will start at midnight (CEST) from Friday (April 24) to Saturday (April 25)
Hard Times23-Apr-2020
Posted By:   eyebo.wp 
A beautiful message posted to Nations TMX back in late March. We echo the sentiments here on United TMX.
Originally posted by Rose Tattoo ...
Hello all TMN and TMX-Fans!

We wish you all, around the world, much strength and confidence for these difficult times. Friendship and solidarity play a very important role in such times.
Stay healthy all of you and we wish you all the best!

TMX Crew
Posted By:   eyebo.wp 

A new release date was announced today! The new Trackmania will arrive on July 1st!

Read the press release from Ubisoft Nadeo. And watch the new trailer.
TMX KO 10th anniversary!17-Apr-2020
Posted By:   rad 

Join us this weekend for fun and prizes as we celebrate 10 years of Weekly Knockouts in TrackMania!

About the TMX Knockout | Server link

New KO mapgroups!13-Apr-2020
Posted By:   Voyager006 

One new map group, and an existing one, have been opened for submissions. Take a look:

- KO20
- KO8 (Fullspeed)

About the TMX Knockout | Server link

MTC News!31-Mar-2020
Posted By:   nod32»UD 
Time for a new MTC!
The theme this month... Base Plus 200!
Your track's weight should be at most 200 coppers more than the empty base's weight.
Check out this contest here!

The March MTC has entered the public judging phase!
See how it works and how to get involved here!
March MTC!03-Mar-2020
Posted By:   nod32»UD 
Time for a new MTC!
The theme this month... 15 Times The Width!
Build a track where the route's length is 15 times its width.

Check out this contest here!
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